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Business IT Support

When you're working in a large organisation there's a dedicated band of IT staff somewhere on hand (probably the basement) ready to make sure you're protected from viruses, upgraded when necessary and to find out what's causing your computer to crash every time you open Excel. Don't go without just because you're in a small or home office - just call us and we’ll provide all those services that keep you as productive as you need to be.

Business IT Support Emergency assistance

Blue screen? Black screen? All your data disappeared? Call us now and if we can't resolve it over the phone we'll send a professional agent round to get your office going again.

Fill in the form or call 0800 808 7087!

Set-up and training

Once you've invested in your equipment make sure you get the most out of it by ensuring it is set up in the best way for you and you know exactly how to use it to do what you want in the most efficient and compliant manner.

We can help you with customised set-ups and training in many areas, including:

peer to peer networking [what is this?]

integration of existing equipment

networked email systems

email web access [what is this?]

networked fax systems [what is this?]

wireless integration [what is this?]

anti-virus for networks [what is this?]

mail servers and client systems [what is this?]

networked broadband access with firewall security [what is this?]

ongoing network management and support contract with remote administrative access [what is this?]

Business IT Support Computer lessons

General computer use and maintenance - learn how to solve those annoying little problems and when to give us a call!

Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook) - manage your data, mailings, marketing and sales materials compliantly and efficiently

Web design - Want to have a website for your business but don't want to shell out the big bucks or be reliant on a website design business? We can teach you how to use the web design package of your choice, as well as helping you unravel the mysteries of FTP and form email so your customers can contact you

Fill in the form or call 0800 808 7087!

Maintenance and support

Your computer equipment isn't very sympathetic to the fact you don't have room or budget for a full time agent in your business, but we are. Don't wait till things go wrong - let us help keep your systems running in top condition so you can get on with business.

Data storage - let us make a back up of your system, so we can quickly and easily restore your system to how you like it if things go wrong

Disaster recovery - has it really all disappeared forever? Let us try to recover it for you

PC Healthchecks - once a year, especially if you notice things getting slower or add more equipment or software

Installations- Contact PCIQ and we will install memory, processors, PC motherboards, graphics and sound cards, modems, CD/DVD drives, hard disks,software or whatever you need

Recycling - we'll clean your old equipment of any of your private data, and recycle it legally for you

Remote 'helpdesk' support - our engineers can examine your computer remotely just when you need it, without interrupting your day

Fill in the form or call 0800 808 7087!

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