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Hardware Related Issues: Fail to boot

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Original Message    Posted by: Frank .      28 Feb @ 19:12
Fail to boot

Windows XP I have bought a 2.0 USB card from Maplins told that it was right card for my motherboard a GeForce6100SM-M, installed the card, got a error incompatible hardware.Removed it replaced old card now the coputer will not boot past the windows logo It just stops and reloads Please help I promise that I will not go to Maplins again. Thanks Frank

Posted by: Richard B. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      28 Feb @ 20:19
RE: Fail to boot

Maplin are usually very good for this sort of stuff...

Did you install any software that came with the card? If so then try starting the computer up in safe mode, uninstall the software and reboot the computer.

Posted by: Jon S. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      28 Feb @ 21:43
RE: Fail to boot

that motherboard already has eight USB2 ports on it

Do you really need more?? Do you have a problem with the exisitng USB ports?

when did you get the error? In windows or while the system was still booting?

Do you know which chipset the card uses? And as Richard asked, did you install any software (you shouldn't need to)

Posted by: Seth N. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      1 Mar @ 11:05
RE: Fail to boot


I suggest you not to try more option,if you got important data on your computer.And book an engineer.If you know about computers very well then please answer the questions asked by Richard and Jon.

Posted by: Richard P. PCIQ IT ProfessionalPCIQ IT Professional      17 Mar @ 15:54
RE: Fail to boot

Sounds like you O?S atempted to install some drivers for the new card and failed. upon reboot the old drivers are still present and causing a failure.

when first switching on after the BIOS boot, Press F8 and select last known good configuration.

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