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C Drive used/free space

Posted by: Michael T.      29 Dec 2014 @ 17:36
C Drive used/free space

Dear Sirs,

When I open C Drive Properties, it shows 359 Gb used space, and 572 Gb free space (out of 931 Gb). However, when I look at the memory used by the folders in C Drive, they amount to no more than about 131 Gb. Can you please tell me where the missing 228 Gb is?

Yours faithfully,

M. Trevis

Reply by: Alan D. PCIQ IT ProfessionalIT Professional in Oakham, LE15      30 Dec 2014 @ 15:46
RE: C Drive used/free space

There are always a large number of hidden files, which are used by the system. These are not normally visible, but take up space. This will include System Restore files used if you need to get the system working after a failure.

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