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RE: format

that bottom line was meant to say "backup any data" sorry typo

29 Sep @ 13:03

RE: format

You will need either your recovery disk or a windows xp/vista disk, what ever operating system you are using. Boot from the disk when you turn on your PC, in many cases the boot order already starts with the CD/DVD ROM drive so you might not have to change anything here, alternativly F8 is usually the boot menu key. Depending on what way you do this or your OS type then next step could be different so let us know what Operating System you have and what disks you have to do it and we can shed some more light on the situation. You should also backup and data you need before formatting as you will lose it all

29 Sep @ 13:01

RE: sony vaio

Why does everything usually turn into an argument because someone has a differnet "POV" of how to fix something or even just offer a suggestion? Jon yes this might be a HDD fault but what stuart has said is correct, although he did not really explain it in detail with his first post. Maybe some of you need to take time out and chill before getting all worked up over someone elses post. In many cases I have had Operating System Not Found on my own machine and it was just because of dust, Simply removing the HDD and giving it wipe fixed it. Many of the same errors can have multipul unique fixes, so instead of trying to point out others mistakes lets just give the customer your own solution, it is then up to the customer to try them out.

25 Sep @ 10:12



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