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By HARRY H. - 29 Oct 08
Response was prompt and punctual.
Simon is knowledgable, helpful and very up to date.
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RE: I wish to partision my hard drive so that I can run my soft ware that will only run on windows XP No

Although i dont understand the reason you want to partition, You can buy Partition magic to partition a hard drive WITHOUT loosing data! PLEASE NOTE: You must be very carful using this as it is VERY easy to do the wrong thing and wipe things. Read the instructions carefully before undertaking this and ensure important data is backed up externally just in case! regards Simon

2 Feb @ 11:45

RE: wireless connection

There is a problem I am finding more often with SKY routers and wifi connections. There is an article relating to it on the intel website. The router has not got the Power Save Protacol(PSP)function setup properly in the firmware. This makes the router drop the wifi connection. This may just start happening and just stop happening. It is very random and even more anoying! Unfortunatly, this is not user repairable. Sky have to release a new firmware to fix it! Kind regards Simon

2 Feb @ 11:42


I provide IT support for Home users, SOHO, small & medium sized businesses.

Fully functional systems are an integral part of any business so protect yours now.
If employing full time IT personnel isn’t cost effective for you, I could be the perfect solution.
We are happy to discuss any individual requirements in order to ensure you have the right support.



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