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RE: complain

Having just read of recent PC world treatment of customers... Contact - Trading Standards, DTI (dept of trade & Industry) or the good old Citzens Advice Burea.. Some recent problems with PC world include- 11 year olds laptop returned with "NEW" HDD , next day had animal porn appearing on screen..!!! Man refused warranty for broken hinge -- Cos he had installed LINUX... amazing didn't know OS's could beat up your Laptop...LOL.. Unbelievable... Best to avoid or get it out if you can..

28 Nov @ 00:05


Specialise in Laptop Hardware replacement & repair, also PC Fix , Repair , Diagnoisis.

I have been active for 2 years in refurbishment repairs & sale's of refurb , support of (mainly) Laptops..
Always had keen interest & aptitude with Pc , Laptops starting as far back as 15 years ago..
My experience & knowledge gained through my own hands on refurb & repair business.
Support , Hardware , some softawre , all OS (windows)... Small data recovery Operations.
Secure deletions of Data & Dead ,Scrap Laptop Value Advice , aswell disposal - buying.

Also Previous experience in Web Design gained through implementations on my own previous business (not IT Related) .Giving unique insight into small business advantages of web marketung etc.



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