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By Juris L. - 3 Jul 09
Mr. Nuttall is a real PROFESSIONAL.
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By Michael E. - 19 Mar 09
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comprehensive, courteous, and very quick. Thank you
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Hello Robin Can't I am trying too conect a freesat box to connec
8 Mar @ 16:26
Watchet, TA23 0AT
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RE: laptop keyboard drivers

There is a "Change Keyboards" option in Control Panel / Clock, Language and Region / Region and Language / Change keyboards or other input methods. You could check in there that the correct region and language has been applied during the installation.

20 Jun @ 00:21

RE: os.

Look at any documentation you have for your computer and check if it states 32 or 64 bit. Failing that, I can tell you from experience that if you try to install a 64-bit OS on to 32-bit hardware it will just spit it out; no harm done. Are you sure you haven't got a recovery partition on your hard drive? Most computers have one these days, it's accessible from the boot choices menu in the BIOS, usually by hitting F8 or F5 or possibly a key combination at boot up.

20 May @ 22:53

RE: Huawei

Apologies Aman. As you appear to be in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, you may need to alter your search terms.

20 May @ 22:45


Help & repairs to windows based PC's & laptops. I've spent many years in high-tech industries including 27 years with Britain's leading Communications and Defence Systems manufacturer. I have over 10 years experience of teaching IT skills to all ability ranges and have gained a wide knowledge of PC hardware & software. I aim to provide my customers with a unique program every time which is tailored to your exact needs.

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