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RE: Forum partially wiped????

My credits are still showing (19). Maybe they're about to revive it and having a 'clear up'?! (Always the optimist!)

20 Apr @ 16:07

RE: my laptop screen is broken. it is a fujitsu siemens amilo notebook Li 1705.

For clarity my responses are in relation to John P. and his Amilo li2735

29 Nov @ 08:56

RE: my laptop screen is broken. it is a fujitsu siemens amilo notebook Li 1705.

Sometimes yes Jon, money can be better spent on a replacement machine but we don't know the setup or history of the machine - if it runs well for the owner and perhaps they've spent money upgrading it in the past, it may be best to replace the screen if that truly is all the issue is hence best to get in touch with a good engineer and let them help. A new screen can be sourced for &#163;60 or less.

29 Nov @ 08:55

RE: my laptop screen is broken. it is a fujitsu siemens amilo notebook Li 1705.

Any good computer repair engineer should be able to supply and fit a new screen for you (which does sound like the best option). Where are you based? Do a search on here and see what engineers come up in your area.

26 Nov @ 20:20

RE: I''ve stopped receiving my emails into my Outlook on my laptop. Error report is 0x800421

You may not need to change any settings, it may be other factors at play. Have you worked through Microsoft's guide? Let us know how you get on.

8 Jan @ 19:26

RE: I disconnect from the internet every 1 - 2 minutes. (Very Frustrating)

Could be a number of things.... my initial thought is what is the actual quality of the broadband itself like and what downstream/upstream speeds are you getting?

6 Jan @ 20:38

RE: Windows Photo Viewer

How old is the pendrive (USB flash drive?) that you are using? Sound like the transfer is not happening properly. Try it with a different (new?) pendrive and see what happens. I don't recommend using USB flash drives for storage. Many thanks Ant

12 Nov @ 23:34

RE: Keyboard

Hi Geoffrey No entirely sure what you mean. Are you referring to using the 'F' keys i.e. F1, F2 etc? I'm not overly familiar with the K200, but commonly they either work simply by pressing them or you have to hold down an 'Fn' key (usually bottom left of the keyboard) whilst then pressing the appropriate 'F' key. Hope this helps. If not, please reply with a little more information as to what you are trying to achieve. Many thanks Ant

11 Jul @ 11:03

RE: HP Printer

Jon - Virgin also do ADSL so it is not necessarily a switch to cable. Frank - we need to know more if you'd like us to help. Cheers Ant

22 May @ 23:23

RE: HP Printer

Hi Frank Is the HP a multi-function device (i.e. a printer and scanner in one)? Is it a network enabled device (whether wireless or not)? It's just that if all you have done is changed ISP, I'd suspect a networking issue to begin with.... Following that I'm assuming it may be to do with software that has been taken off (BT) and put on (Virgin)? Can you tell us a bit more? I see no particular reason why changing Internet Provider should stop your device working... Many thanks Ant

21 May @ 22:55

RE: 3 dongle connection

Hi Are you running 64bit or 32bit? My experiences so far are such that I've only had success with 3 dongles (amongst other things) with 32bit Windows 7. Many thanks Ant

14 Jan @ 14:11

RE: 3 dongle wont work with windows 7

Hi Are you running 64bit or 32bit? My experiences so far are such that I've only had success with 3 dongles (amongst other things) with 32bit Windows 7. Many thanks Ant

14 Jan @ 14:10

RE: no pc output

Hi You say the hard disk light comes on. Can you hear any (slight) noise which might suggest the hard disk is actually operating? If so, then I'd certainly go with Alan's comment first. Switch it on, walk away and leave it for a few minutes. I find some computers can be shy and it's amazing what a little bit of privacy can do!! Many thanks Ant

27 Oct @ 16:00

RE: computer won't turn on

Hi Paula Further to Richard's comment, it is really all about what is most important to you. It sounds like not losing any of the data (photos etc.) is most crucial to you. For that reason, seriously consider getting someone out to help recover the data, which should not be too expensive. Do you have another computer at home? If so, any good professional should be able to get the data from this Advent machine and put it on the other computer. How old would you say your Advent machine is and how much did you pay for it? I'm asking this so as to try and provide a balanced answer. Many thanks Ant

27 Oct @ 15:57

RE: replaced hard drive

Hi Terry My first thoughts are similar to Jon's - have you actually installed an operating system e.g. Windows XP or Windows Vista? A new hard drive is incredibly unlikely to arrive with anything on it. Ideally you'll have a CD or DVD that came with your computer allowing you to install your operating system on to a new hard drive. Many thanks Ant

4 Aug @ 08:12


Hi Dorrie Is this the same machine you also made contact about recently that had symptoms suggesting it was affected by a virus/spyware? Many thanks Ant

19 Jul @ 09:44

RE: Network

Correct Dorrie - you have to have an ISP to get on to the Internet. However, you do not necessarily have to use that ISPs software - Internet Explorer and MSN are just acceptable. There are other alternatives e.g. Firefox, which is a free alternative to Internet Explorer and often considered more secure to use. The good thing is there is plenty of choice - something that has improved over the years. Cheers Ant

9 Apr @ 11:39

RE: Network

Now that I've got that out of the way, I'll answer your questions a little further. If you stick to using Internet Explorer etc. rather than any specific software that an ISP provides, it does help to keep your computer a little less cluttered and hence in theory running more efficiently. Your Speedtouch should work fine with most ISPs, although you might benefit from getting a newer router, which many ISPs offer for free or at a reduced cost when you sign up. Some ISPs however will insist that you use their supplied kit. One thing you would do is 'migrate' from AOL to a new ISP - basically you work out who you would like to move to, then go to AOL and ask for a MAC code, and when you get that provide it to your new ISP. It should be a smooth transition, but the reality is not always so simple. But do not let that put you off, particularly if you're going to save money each month! Hope this helps Ant

9 Apr @ 11:37

RE: Network

Hi Dorrie I'm guessing this has stemmed from our conversation when I was visiting you recently? What I want to clarify is that what I said is 'you do not have to have the AOL software on your computer to be able to access the Internet if AOL are your Internet Service Provider (ISP)'. If you want to physically cancel your AOL service you will need to move to a different ISP to continue accessing the Internet, of which there are many alternatives. If you feel you are paying too much each month to AOL, then you should look around and see what cheaper alternatives there might be. You can sometimes save money if you bundle your telephone rental with a broadband package. Many thanks Ant

9 Apr @ 11:32

RE: Recovery Disks

Hi Order the official disc from the TechGuys: The one you need is about the 17th or 18th one down the list. Hope this helps. Cheers Ant

1 Apr @ 13:29

RE: my e system laptop wont come on at all was working and wwhen i went to use it earlier wont come on a

Hi Wendy It sounds like you are saying that you cannot get your laptop to start up and it looks as though there is no power getting to it, even though you are sure the charger/AC adaptor is working. Can I ask, what evidence do you have/see that your charger/AC adaptor is working? Is there an LED you can see? Does any kind of power/charging light appear on the laptop itself? Many thanks Ant

25 Mar @ 16:27

RE: Disc defragmentor will not start - have the platignum cover and reboot disc can I use this to solve

Hi Thanks Alan - I got sidetracked with the defrag issue itself rather than answering the direct question! Peter - as Alan said, the answer to your actual question is 'no'. However, it would be useful to know if you have successfully run defrag on this machine in the past. Trying it in safe-mode is definitely an option. And in terms of Time PCs, Jon is a very good engineer to be taking advice from! Cheers Ant

25 Mar @ 16:24

RE: Problem setting up HP Laserjet via Airport Express

Hi I'm afraid I'm beginning to go along the same road as Jon. Looking at other print servers, there seems to be problems with the Laserjet 1005 in other scenarios. Axis Print Servers actually list the 1005 as NOT compatible with their products: I did see some references to host based printers on the HP forums and it is a common problem. Sorry, but I think this is going to be a lost cause. Many thanks Ant

25 Mar @ 16:20

RE: Problem setting up HP Laserjet via Airport Express

Hi Stephanie There is little point re-inventing the wheel here. First things first - take a look at Apple's official support: Work through that and let us know how you get on. Many thanks Ant

25 Mar @ 13:06

RE: Disc defragmentor will not start - have the platignum cover and reboot disc can I use this to solve

Hi There could be a number of reasons for this. At what point do you start getting problems? Once you click the defrag or analyse button? Do you get a specific error message? If so, what is that message? Have you performed a full chkdsk or scandisk check recently? I would make sure you've done that first. Have you successfully used the defrag tool previously on this machine? We need to rule out whether the defrag tool is actually installed on the machine or not. We will need a little more info from you to help further. Sometimes page file (virtual memory) settings can affect defragging. If you can describe a bit more about the steps you go through and what actually happens and when, we will be able to help further. Many thanks Ant

25 Mar @ 13:02

RE: Welcome Center

Hi Are you referring to the Vista Welcome Center? If so, you should simply take the tick out of the "Run at startup" option in the bottom right hand corner of that screen. Next time you launch Windows, it should no longer appear. Let us know how you get on. Many thanks

19 Mar @ 12:08

RE: Asus M50sa Window''s vista

Hi Ronald The fact you refer to important data, I think you should definitely arrange an engineer to visit, who will be able to help in attempting to recover that data. Do so at: Following that, you may be pleasantly surprised as to how they can get the laptop working again. The fact you see the screen you do, suggests that Windows is corrupt in some way and simply needs repairing (by a more technical method) or wiping and re-installing. Many thanks Ant

16 Feb @ 06:08

RE: I have accidentally deleted the downloads icon , bouncing up and down one, on the dock. I would

Are you referring to Apple Software Update or do you mean a downloads facility within a programme such as Safari or Firefox? If it is a specific application, then you should find it in your Applications folder. When you've found an icon in there, simply drag it to the dock for it to remain resident there. Cheers Ant

2 Jan @ 10:26

RE: I have yr. old i mac (intel) and message in disk utility says smart failing.cant access hd to verify

Hi First things first, you should seriously make sure you have taken a backup of anything on that drive that you do not want to lose. SMART is the drive's own test facility and a failing warning suggests just that - potential/imminent failure! Cheers Ant

16 Oct @ 19:35

RE: Apple Mac log in problems

Hi Peter What version of OS X are you running? Have you performed any kind of upgrade recently? You reference to the magnifying glass symbol seems to suggest that you are getting logged in but something is getting stuck somewhere (the magnifying glass is more than likely ths Spotlight search tool) Many thanks Ant Many thanks Ant

13 Oct @ 16:28

RE: WAnt to go wireless

Now assuming you've physically switched it on as per my comment above, Windows should detect this and inform you (via a popup in the bottom right hand corner of the screen) that it has detected wireless networks. Click that popup and simply follow the instructions. Let us know how you get on. Cheers Ant M.

28 Sep @ 14:03

RE: WAnt to go wireless

Hi Walter There are two elements that you need to ensure are in place. 1 - Do you have a wireless broadband router and has the wireless been configured on it? 2 - Then you do of course need to ensure wireless is enabled on your laptop - more info below. The most common error people make is that there is usually a physical 'switch' on the laptop to enable the wireless device. It can be a separate switch on the side, front or top of the laptop (around by the keyboard) or it can be a combination of keys on the keyboard. Look for a little wireless symbol - if it is on a key on the keyboard you usually end up having to hold the Fn key and press the particular button. Cheers Ant M.

28 Sep @ 14:01

RE: Can't switch between two open windows

Hi I've seen this kind of thing when there is some spyware/malware and the like on a PC. What protection do you have on the PC e.g. virus protection, spyware/malware protection, firewall etc.? Many thanks Ant

18 Sep @ 14:38

RE: where can i download free office packages and how can i setup 2 computer together under one roof

Hi Are you referring to an 'Office' package in terms of word processing, using spreadsheets etc? For a free package (which you can use on as many computers as you like - you mention 2 in your question) is OpenOffice: Other alternatives are: Google Docs Zoho These two are both online applications though and hence rely on your Internet connection. Hope this helps. Ant

11 Sep @ 14:58

RE: Business Broadband recommendation

My apologies for misreading the original post. Thought it said a 'maximum' of 8MB. Guess I'm too used to reading the usual broadband sales literature! Cannot recommend anywhere in particular, but as mentioned it will depend on your location and what companies are offering in that area. Two places for you to look at: Hope this helps. Ant

15 Jul @ 17:42

RE: Business Broadband recommendation

Hi There are numerous options and many are dependent on factors beyond your control. The important thing here is to keep things as simple, efficient and professional as possible and on that basis I have to recommend: Take a look at their Platinum package (or Platinum+ or SDSL packages if you feel you need more). My experience has always been very good with them. Hope this helps. Many thanks Ant

15 Jul @ 10:33

RE: Siemens SE587 Router

Hi Are you connecting your PC to the router via the supplied ethernet (network) cable? This is the best option rather than worry about wireless at this stage. Go to Start -> Run... Type in cmd and hit the RETURN key on the keyboard. You should have a black window appear. Type in ipconfig and hit the RETURN key. Can you tell us what is displayed? Cheers Ant

22 May @ 13:08
18 May @ 09:00

RE: web development

Hi Pawan Not really sure what you're asking here. Are you asking where you can purchase VB6? If so, then it is unlikely you'll be able to purchase it now. You could check out somewhere like: Cheers Ant

18 May @ 08:59

RE: wireless

Hi Shannon The first thing you need to do is make sure your wireless router is configured properly. Is your router definitely a wireless one? You should find that if the wireless is enabled on your laptop, then you should get a little pop-up in the right hand corner of the screen (eventually) saying that Windows has detected wireless networks. It may be that there is some specific wireless software installed that will take over the usual Windows wireless services, but again many of those will automatically alert you. Are you getting anything like that? When attempting to set up wireless without particular technical expertise, it is usually best to use software provided by your Internet Service Provider, in this case BT. If the BT software is already installed on your laptop, and your router has wireless capability, there should be some part of that BT software that will assist you in getting connected via the wireless. Let us know what you find/how you get on. Many thanks Ant

18 May @ 08:47

RE: wireless

Hi Shannon Does your laptop definitely have wireless capability? If you've recently bought it, then it should have. The one thing many people don't realise is that there is usually a button (or a combination of buttons) that you physically need to press on the laptop to turn the wireless on. This can be a single, specific switch or it can be that you have to hold down a function button (Fn) (usually in the bottom left of the keyboard) and a button with a wireless symbol on it (usually in a blue colour). If you look at this image: you'll see that they would hold down the Fn key and press the 2 key (which has a wireless symbol on it). Let us know hoy you get on. Ant

17 May @ 19:42

RE: Computer freezes when installing wireless router

Hi Just out of interest, have you booted in to "Safe Mode with Networking" and tried it? In case you're not sure, press the F8 key just before the Windows XP loading screen appears on boot up and you should see the option listed. Many thanks Ant

16 May @ 06:12

RE: Cannot access the internet with Mac Laptop

Sorry the line: "If you are going wireless, forget that to begin with and ensure the Mac can connect to the router and get an IP address via DHCP and hence access the internet." should read: "If you are going wireless, forget that to begin with and ensure the Mac can connect to the router and get an IP address via DHCP by connecting them both with an ethernet cable."

14 May @ 11:41

RE: Cannot access the internet with Mac Laptop

Hi John Yes, Macs do have a built-in firewall. What version of the Mac OS is it? I'm assuming Mac OS X 10.something? If you've managed to set a manual address on the Mac then you've actually gotten very close to the firewall settings! Go to System Preferences and then in to 'Sharing'. There you will see a tab for 'Firewall'. Additionally, you can access a command line and hence run ping, traceroute etc. To get to that, go to your 'Applications', then in to the 'Utilities' folder and in there you will see 'Terminal'. Are you trying to connect wirelessly or are you using an ethernet cable? If you are going wireless, forget that to begin with and ensure the Mac can connect to the router and get an IP address via DHCP and hence access the internet. If that works, then you know the problem is with wireless. Let us know how you get on. Cheers Ant Marsh

14 May @ 11:39

RE: viewing comic doc attachment on microsoft computer

Hi Tracy I believe you're referring to the 'Comic Life' application that comes free with new Macs. Did you daughter simply 'Save' the file and email it to you? If so, then it will have a .comic file extension and can only be viewed in the 'Comic Life' software. You have a number of options in order to be able to view your daughter's work on a Windows PC. Option One ---------- Rather than send you the actual Comic Life file, your daughter should open the file on her Mac and choose the File -> Export -> Export to Image(s) options Then if she emails you the file(s) generated by that, you should have no problem opening them on a Windows PC as they will simply be images. Option Two ---------- Download the 30 day trial version of Comic Life for Windows: As they say, the choice is yours! Hope this helps. Ant Marsh

14 May @ 06:32

RE: Start-up screen

Hi Sarah As soon as the picture comes up, press the ESC key and it should disappear, leaving the various boot messages on the screen. If F2 didn't work, try F1 and if that fails, try the DEL key. Failing all that, you may want to consider getting a PCIQ engineer out. Cheers Ant

12 May @ 12:49

RE: Start-up screen

Hi Sarah (As mentioned by some of the other engineers) As soon as you turn the computer on you would usually need to press the F2 key or the Del key or sometimes the F1 key. It would usually say on the screen (albeit sometimes very briefly) a few seconds after turning the computer on. Cheers Ant

8 May @ 17:25

RE: Start-up screen

Hi Sarah Go in to the BIOS and usually towards the top if tells you a line or two about who produced the BIOS/CMOS. If in doubt, do a search for 'bios' on google images and the screenshots give you an idea of what you will possibly see. Cheers Ant

8 May @ 09:29

RE: Start-up screen

Hi all As pointed out, it sounds like a BIOS splash screen and different BIOSs handle splash screens in different ways, so you will probably need to find out the BIOS manufacturer/version. If you can find that info out Sarah, post back and we'll all be able to help you out further. Do be careful playing around in your BIOS - when you come to exit make sure you opt to "DISCARD CHANGES" or an option to that effect, unless of course it is obvious to see how to adjust the image in which case you'll need to save your changes! I have to say, this is one of the more interesting support requests I heard for quite some time! Cheers Ant

7 May @ 21:26

RE: dvd rewrite

Hi Robert You answered my second question, but not my first. What software are you using to burn the DVD? E.g. Nero, Roxio or are you simply using XP's built-in burning capability? If the latter of those, then that could be where your problem lies.....

5 May @ 13:38

RE: dvd rewrite

(Sorry - I just clicked on the "report" link for Richard B's post - a complete misclick - admin, please ignore the alert!) Robert, What software are you using to write to the DVD? Are you running Windows XP or Windows Vista?

5 May @ 10:24

RE: Ex-Sky+ hard drive

Hi Assuming you are wanting to use this for upgrade purposes and essentially nothing that would breach legal considerations then you may want to take a look at:

5 May @ 10:21

RE: Ex-Sky+ hard drive

Hi Assuming you are wanting to use this for upgrade purposes and essentially nothing that would breach legal considerations then you may want to take a look at:

5 May @ 10:21

RE: Problems with Mac wireless on OS X leopard

Hi Bill As per my initial message, is the firmware up-to-date on the router? It is crucial to check this as I recently had a customer with a new Belkin N1 Vision router and brand new Macbook - same "connection timeout" error as you. Ensured all airport/wireless software updates made to Macbook. Still same problem. However, updated the firmware on the router and everything worked! Really worth checking.... Many thanks Ant

30 Apr @ 22:18

RE: Problems with Mac wireless on OS X leopard

Hi Have you gone through and re-established the network connection from fresh? You may also want to log in to the router (connect your Mac to the router via a cable if necessary) and ensure the firmware is up-to-date. Ant

25 Apr @ 16:57

RE: It goes to the blue screen where it says I need to reinstall the driver software, which I do not hav

Just in case that link breaks in future here is the content of that page: ---------------------------- If you see a blank blue screen, or a blue screen with a progress indicator (looks like a colored pinwheel), you may have an incompatible login item. To find out if you have an incompatible login item: 1. Shut down your computer and wait 30 seconds. 2. Press the power button. 3. Immediately after you hear the startup tone, press and hold the Shift key. 4. Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple and progress indicator. 5. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences. 6. Click Accounts, then click Login Items. 7. Make a list of the login items--you'll need to remember them later. 8. Select all of the login items and click Remove. 9. Choose Apple menu > Restart. If this solves the problem, open Accounts preferences again and add the login items one at a time, restarting your computer after adding each one, until the symptom occurs again. (You can start up your computer normally when you're adding the login items.) When you've found the incompatible login item, use the procedure above to remove just the problem item. -------------------

24 Apr @ 00:35

RE: It goes to the blue screen where it says I need to reinstall the driver software, which I do not hav

Hi Try this solution, direct from Apple:

24 Apr @ 00:31