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It is probably either a faulty charger or faulty connection. Just because the light on the charger comes on, that does not mean that it is reaching the laptop.

7 Jun @ 19:30

RE: Failing to view or open up my laptop

You have probably deleted a critical Windows file. You may find that using System Restore will fix it, but probably you will have to re-install Windows. Be careful, if you use the manufacturer's recovery process it might wipe out all your data. You are probably better off trying to find someone locally who can help

19 Mar @ 16:55

RE: No signal

I assume from your description that it is a desktop, not a laptop. The "no signal" indicates that either the base unit is not starting, there is a fault on the video card, or the video lead is disconnected. Check the connections are tight, try removing them and reseating the wire. Check the base unit, does the light come on? Does it make any sound, typically one or more beeps. The number of beeps should indicate the cause.

4 Jun @ 21:06

RE: Computer beeping on start up (not loading)

It certainly sounds like a graphics problem. When you removed the car totally, did the machine start? Does it have an onboard graphics capability, does that work?

3 Jun @ 20:16

RE: misreporting RAM size

Check in the BIOS for the reported memory size. Press F2 or DEL when the computer is starting up to get into the BIOS. Alternatively, run the System Scanner at and see what that reports.

27 May @ 21:09

RE: flash player download error

Are you getting the right version of Flash from a reputable source? If Flash is working for your Facebook account, it sounds as if it is already installed.

27 May @ 21:08

RE: Advent Webcam - Problems using Skype

It sounds as if their camera is not working or is switched off.

27 May @ 21:06

RE: computer start up

When you start it, do you get anything at all? Do you hear the machine try to start? If not, it is probably a power problem, check the fuse. Listen for any beeps, they should indicate the cause of the problem.

27 May @ 21:04

RE: packard bell bleeps and screen doesnt show anything

The beeps have a meaning. If you listen carefully there will be a pattern, it may be short and long beeps or it may be some beeps, pause, some more beeps.If you count the beeps, the code can be looked up and it will tell you what the problem is. It may be a loose or faulty memory chip, or it may be something more serious. Also tell us exactly which Packard Bell machine you have, i.e. the model number, so that we can look it up. The beep codes sometimes vary by machine.

13 Apr @ 21:13


Go into Control Panel and remove all traces of your 3dongle drivers. Then reboot the machine and try installing it again

8 Mar @ 19:42

RE: mouse

Is it just the mouse cursor, or has the keyboard frozen as well? If both, hold down the on/off switch for about 12 seconds. That should shut it down. Restart, if it is still frozen, shutdown again by holding on/off for 12 seconds, remove battery, unplug the mains charger. Then hold on/off switch down for about 30 seconds, reconnect and retry.

28 Feb @ 19:05

RE: packard bell laptop black screen

It sounds as if the update has not completed properly. Try turning the machine on, and after the BIOS messages, if any, press F8 repeatedly. This should give you the startup menu. You could try Safe mode, or Last Known Good. See if either of those work.

9 Feb @ 14:09

RE: C Drive used/free space

There are always a large number of hidden files, which are used by the system. These are not normally visible, but take up space. This will include System Restore files used if you need to get the system working after a failure.

30 Dec @ 15:46

RE: Genuine Windows Validation problem

You do not say which version of Windows, but from the age of the machine, I would guess XP or Vista. Windows validation errors are not always a virus. sometimes Microsoft update their software, and falsely reject perfectly valid licence keys. The other reason for failing validation can be if you have made any changes to the machine. Windows validation works by taking a snapshot of the machine and generating a code. If you make changes to the machine, e.g. change the hard disk or other components, it can invalid this snapshot, and Windows needs to revalidate. Has anything been changed.

17 Nov @ 15:17
11 Nov @ 21:08

RE: T mobile broad band dongle says no coverage

Try taking the laptop and dongle to another location and see if it works. Otherwise take it back to the shop, it could be a faulty dongle.

11 Nov @ 21:08

RE: Removing XP

Your problem is probably the way that Windows 7 installs itself. Typically it will have a Boot partition, and then the partition with W7 actually installed. In your case, assuming that XP was on there first, it will have installed the Boot code on the XP partition. If you delete/format this, the machine will not boot as it will not find the bootloader. You can delete the contents of your XP partition, EXCEPT the Boot code. You will need to be in W7 to do this, and can delete most of the XP folders. Leave any files in the root of D:, and also d:\boot folder and their contents.

11 Nov @ 21:06

RE: my computer did not enter window

It could be a number of things, but the most likely is a failed or failing hard disk. Were there any diagnostic comments displayed?

2 Sep @ 20:08
13 Oct @ 22:41

RE: advent camera

You don't say what operating system your PC has, but try

13 Oct @ 22:41

RE: msi wind u100 blue screen , help?

Try booting the computer, as soon as the BIOS has loaded, press F8 to get the menu. Try Last Known Good Configuration. If that does not work, try a System Restore. Otherwise you need to find a USB DVD drive and XP CD and do a repair install. One or more of the critical system files has got damaged.

13 Oct @ 22:39

RE: Drivers for Time computers

Windows Easy Transfer does not backup the files as such, it just copies them. However if the drive has now been "upgraded" to Vista, you wont be able to just switch it back. Do you have a second hard disk/USB stick or similar on which you could temporarily store the copied files. ( I assume these are photos, documents etc). If so, on the Vista machine, you could backup the photos, documents etc. Then swap the hard disk back to the Time machine and re-install XP. Once that is done, copy the photos etc back.

4 Aug @ 13:48

RE: windows 7 restore and backup

Have you checked that System Protection is not turned off? You find it in Control Panel/System/System Protection. It is possible to disable it on each drive separately. Check it is enabled for your System Drive.

22 Jul @ 23:06

RE: about my 3g dongle

It appears from your IP address that you are in India. This site is for UK based customers. We can try to help by email, but we do not have local engineers for you.You do not say what operating system you are running, but assuming that it is Windows:- Have you tried rebooting your laptop? That may fix the problem. Otherwise, go into Device Manager and check if the mousepad is showing as working correctly. You may need to reload the driver software which you should be able to get from the Compaq website.

17 Jul @ 21:32

RE: broken fan

It varies slightly, but most laptop fans are less than &#163;5 from eBay.

8 Jul @ 22:39

RE: Computer looping after it was turned off during an update.

Only Vista, Win7 and Win8 have Repair your computer, it sounds as if you may be on XP which does not have it. Try booting again, press F8 to get the menu, and pick "Disable automatic restart". That might then give you a diagnostic screen with some useful information. If it does, post the error code ( e.g. STOP 0x0000007B) here and we will see if we can help.

7 Jul @ 21:07

RE: Hilink dongle

I assume that you are trying to use it in the same place as before? Perhaps your mobile operator has a problem in your area at present. Otherwise it sounds as if the dingle is faulty. You need to contact the provider.

11 May @ 20:14

RE: Problem with my 3 Dongle

You don't say what operating system the two machines have, but I would guess that they are different. There is software stored on the dongle, but it may not be the right version if you are on Vista, Win7 or Win 8. You need to get the later version of the software. If you can install it on another machine, do that, and check the suppliers site for a version of the software that matches your "better" machine. Download that and copy it across using a memory stick or similar. Then it should be OK.

3 Mar @ 21:06

RE: laptop on and off

It could be overheating. Some HP machines had a problem with this. Otherwise, does it give any reasons, either when it shuts down, or when you restart it?

22 Dec @ 22:56

RE: Bleeps when turning on

If there is no discernable pattern to the beeps, but just a continuous stream of beeps, it is probably a key stuck on the keyboard or a short circuit in the keyboard. If you have a standard external keyboard, and are reasonably competent, you could try plugging in the external one, disconnecting the built in one and see if the problem goes away. If so, you probably just need a new keyboard.

7 Nov @ 21:14

RE: Hi there, i have an Advent Eclipse E300. Good working order for past 2 years, suddenly screen is bla

Alan, Another possibility is a crack on the circuit board at the back of the screen. I have seen screens with hairline cracks where the picture comes and goes as you flex the screen. Usually that means a new LCD.

24 Oct @ 20:14

RE: Hardrive failure purchase new, install and original cam does not worlk

If you look in Device Manager, you may see the camera there, but without any drivers loaded. Look at the properties, and it should give you an id. This will be something like "VID\&xxxx\&sys_xxx". Take a note of these details and try Googling for it. That should lead you to the camera manufacturers web site and you may be able to get a driver from there for free.

7 Oct @ 18:35

RE: Dongle connection problems

I am not sure that it is the same in all countries, but I think the standard phone number that Vodaphone use for mobile broadband is "*99#" ( without the quotes), i.e. star 99 hash/ Try that in the dialup settings.

23 Sep @ 20:12

RE: Removal of Motherboard from Advent 8117 laptop.

Just guessing. Is the VGA connector that side of the machine? Check if you need to remove the threaded nuts which hold the VGA cable. Sometimes they pass through a metal plate which is part of the case.

8 Sep @ 22:16

RE: unlit lcd

Did you fit it yourself? check the connections for the backlight. Normally a small white two pin plug with one white and one red cable. It comes out of the bottom of the screen, and needs to be plugged into the invertor. Otherwise, it may be that it was not the screen that failed, but the invertor.

11 Jun @ 22:20

RE: sound problens

Go into Sound on Control Panel and check that the correct sound card is being used. There may be more than one "speaker type" device installed.

7 Jun @ 17:41

RE: sim not working

Take it in to your nearest 3 shop. It is their problem.

1 Jun @ 11:59

RE: ram

From what I can find, it has 128MB non-removeable, and can take up to 512MB in the RAM slot, making a total of 640MB. It needs PC133 SODIMM's which can be difficult to find these days. Your scrolling problem may be due to low RAM and the time it takes to refresh the screen. Adding more RAM should help.

1 Jun @ 11:59

RE: malfunction cannot get sky server problem

My first guess would be that your internet connection is down. Do you have any other devices connected, and can they connect to the internet? If not, try switching off your router and then back on after about 30 seconds.

6 May @ 21:04

RE: Problem downloading emails with attachments from BT via POP

I got called out to another customer today with the same problem. I extended the timeout to the maximum - 5 minutes, but within about 1 minutes, I got the timeout error message. I think that BT/Yahoo must have put a timer at their end. It is all very well for people with fast connections, but us country folk are lucky to get 1mbps sometimes. The only solution that I have found is to logon to Yahoo, and download the attachments as a zip file, then move the email to another folder, so it does not lock up the Inbox.

28 Apr @ 19:41

RE: synpatics pointing device

I have seen several machines with problems with the Synaptics drivers. try uninstalling the device through Device Manager. Then reboot and see if it is redetected correctly. You may find the Windows PS/2 mouse driver works as well if not better.

20 Apr @ 17:25

RE: Problem downloading emails with attachments from BT via POP

I have seen a couple of people with problems downloading emails with big attachments from BT recently. You could try checking the server timeout settings in Outlook. It may be that with the extra overhead of SSL, the PC is timing out.

18 Apr @ 19:46

RE: Bios battery (Milono W7)

We need more information about the machine. Can you confirm the manufacturer and the exact model

15 Apr @ 17:11

RE: can't connect to the internet

In one of the earlier posts Chris said that the Ethernet does not connect either. I suspect there is a setting that is wrong on the PC which is preventing both wifi and wired connections. Go into Control Panel.Network connections and look at teh settings on both adapters. They should normally be set to DHCP and would then pick up settings from your router. It sounds as if they may have been set to wrong static addresses. Another possibility is that your firewall or AV software is blocking network access. What AV are you running? Norton is notorious for blocking internet access if it is not configured correctly.

13 Apr @ 23:24

RE: Packard Bell (iMedia) desktop wont turn on

The beeps have a meaning, but we need to know exactly what they are. There will be a pattern, e.g. 3 beeps, pause, one beep, longer pause, and then repeated again. The number and pattern indicates what has failed. When you say continuous every second, do you mean a single beep, pause, then the same repeated?

5 Mar @ 21:12

RE: mobile access

What operating system are each of them using? Assuming a version of Windows, you need to look at Internet Connection sharing.

18 Feb @ 22:28

RE: keyboard removal

Some keyboards are not held by screws from the back, but by little clips around the keyboard. Typically they will be above F1, F5, F11 and num Lock. Try running a small screwdriver along the gap between the keyboard and the surround and see if you feel any resistance, or "bumps". If so, that may be a clip. Push it away from the keyboard, it is a spring loaded bit of plastic, you can then lift that area of keyboard. Move along the top, and release the other catches. If you still feel resistance, there may be a screw as well. DONT FORCE IT, you will break the keyboard.

20 Jan @ 21:28

RE: win 7 slow start

Microsoft used to provide a diagnostic tool which would monitor bootup progress and highlight any problems, however, I don't think it is supported for Win 7. You could try looking in the Event Viewer for anything unusual, but you probably need a technician who knows what to expect to check that out.

8 Jan @ 22:43

RE: Slow computer

I don't think that the 6522 will take more than 1Gb RAM. The supplied amount is a single 512MB SODIMM and one free slot.Also it takes PC133 and so will be fairly expensive if you can even get a 2GB chip.

4 Jan @ 17:36

RE: transfer of files from sonic stage to itunes

It may be that iTunes is converting the files to it's own format and the files are larger. I think that, by default, it also searches for the album covers and downloads those as well.

4 Jan @ 17:33

RE: Blue Screen Error messages

There are memory testing programs available to download. The best known is probably MemTest86. You can download it and burn the program to a CD to run it. Any good technician would have a copy with him anyway.

4 Jan @ 17:31

RE: Slow computer

How much RAM is fitted and what Operating system are you running?

3 Jan @ 18:09

RE: Blue Screen Error messages

Both of those tend towards a driver problem. Have you checked if there are any driver updates for your machine? Particularly things like modem or games device/joystick etc.

3 Jan @ 18:08

RE: 104 unsupported network device detected remove device and restart

I have also seen this recently with an HP laptop. The original wifi card was working, although suspect, and I replaced it with a known working Intel one and got the 104 error. It seems that HP/Compaq have hardcoded certain wifi cards into the BIOS, and if you try and install a different model, it won't even boot. You MUST use the same make and model of wifi card that was originally installed.

13 Dec @ 21:33

RE: Sony Via fe41z -three bips and lights nothing in the screen or no disk spinning !!

At a guess, it is memory failure. If you are lucky, it will be a failed RAM chip which can be replaced fairly easily and cheaply. If you are not, it will be the memory slot on the motherboard - major job and not cheap. Call an expert

10 Dec @ 17:55

RE: windows xp problem

Apologies, misread my list! Alan is quite correct, 7F is not the boot volume problem.

20 Nov @ 16:03

RE: Linux as a File Server

The first thing to identify is why you need a File Server. Is it just for shared data, in which case a dedicated NAS box would be cheaper and easier to set up, or is it to run things like mail server, and/or a web server, and/or a shared database? Using a modern linux distribution for simple file sharing, printer sharing etc is fairly straightforward. Many of the distro's will prompt you during set up for the facilities required, and install the necessary modules for you. More critical is the choice of hardware. You may want to consider RAID disks to reduce the chance of data loss, and certainly need to consider backup facilities whether to an external hard disk or tape. The important things then are 1) make sure the backups are held elsewhere, and 2) test that they are working and can be restored. If knowledge of Linux is an issue, you may find a local PC shop that will build and configure the system for you, and do some training on the ongoing maintenance.

20 Nov @ 15:59

RE: windows xp problem

Stop 7F is usually "unmountable Boot Volume". Often, booting to the Recovery console and running CHKDSK, and possibly FixBOOT and FIXMBR will cure it. The "official" answer is reinstall Windows, but the tricks above work in at least 50% of cases.

18 Nov @ 19:21

RE: Re- Drivers

Try Sumatra PDF reader instead from It is much smaller and seems to work just as well. It is free.

4 Sep @ 14:17

RE: Problems with Dongle connection

So that we can help you, we need to know:- 1 Who supplies the dongle, e.g. 3, Vodafone, etc 2 What operating system you are running.

1 Sep @ 21:19

RE: Mice not working.

Jon, I have got a Latitude C840 in for repair at present which has one. The machine is probably 6 years old, but still works OK.

12 Aug @ 20:10

RE: Mice not working.

Problems with the mouse/touchpad are not uncommon on some Dells. It is usually the ones with the "pointing nipple" in the middle of the keyboard as well. I have found two possible cures:- 1 Go into the BIOS and set the mouse to PS/2 only. The Touchpad still works, but it seems to disable the nipple. 2 More Drastic - Remove the keyboard and cut the small cable between the nipple and the base unit. This will permanently disable the nipple, but often cures the problem. TAKE CARE to cut the correct cable. Use at your own risk

11 Aug @ 20:07

RE: cross network cable between Vista and 7 (starter)

You will get the fastest speed if you can connect both by a wired connection to the router. As they are laptops, can you not put them both near the router and connect that way? Don't worry about IP addresses, let the router handle DHCP. You may find it worth running the Windows Easy Transfer wizard. This will backup the files on the source PC and compress them to reduce the amount of data to be transmitted. If they are both on the same network, it will restore them automatically.

23 Jul @ 22:03

RE: mother board changed

Basically it is telling you that it cannot find the hard disk, or cannot find an operating system on the hard disk. The PC is therefore checking other possible ways to boot up, including booting from the network ( media test failure message). The most likely cause is that you have not connected the hard disk correctly or not set the right values in the BIOS. Why did you change the motherboard, and what else could have failed?

28 May @ 22:28

RE: Ram upgrade

You don't. If the correct RAM is fitted correctly, it should recognise it and change the value displayed. If it is not showing up, either you have the wrong type of RAM, it is not fitted correctly, or it is faulty. What type did you fit, and what was in there before?

12 Feb @ 17:44

RE: cant get my master hard drivr 2 pick up but it picks up slave

Checking the cables. Check the settings in the BIOS. Have you changed anything? Particularly the jumpers on the drive?

4 Feb @ 13:46

RE: Real Time Clock not working

The slowness of bootup could be caused by the flat battery. Everytime it boots up, it is having to enumerate all the devices as it has lost its settings. If the battery is flat, getting into the CMOS to write down the settings may not help, they will probably be at default values. I would just change the battery, and then boot the PC up. Auto detection will normally set everything ( except date/time) for you, and most BIOSes have a "Load defaults" option anyway.

4 Feb @ 13:45

RE: Sony Vaio laptop keyboard thinks it has a ps2 keyboard. How do I fix so I can use they keys properly

One possibility is that your country code is set incorrectly. The default is usually a US keyboard layout rather than the UK one. If you find that the @ sign is on Shift + 2, and the " is on the same key as ' that is probably your problem. Go into Control Panel, Regional Settings and change your keyboard layout to UK.

29 Jan @ 20:57

RE: windows does not come up it requests windows boot manager, netbook does not have disc drive and it s

It sounds as if your hard disk is failing/has failed. Is the machine still under warranty? If so, contact the supplier. If not, you probably need an expert to have a look at it, someone who has the necessary disks and a portable DVD drive to reload the software. What Operating System? XP/Vista W7?

14 Jan @ 13:50

RE: Orange wifi on Packard Bell ?

When connecting a wifi link to an Orangebox for the first time, you have to press a button on the Orangebox, and then have about 60 seconds to establish the connection. Without pressing the button, it will not allow an unknown device to connect. When you press the button, the flashing lights pattern on the top of the box should change. Does it?

13 Jan @ 21:32

RE: HELP! wireless disconnects every 5 minutes

If the laptop is only a few days old, it will probably support 802.11n wireless standard. Most routers only support the older 802.11g standard. It may be that your laptop is searching for an "n" signal, and is finding a weak one from one of your neighbours and trying to connect to that. On the laptop, set the wifi to connect at "g" only, and not to search for other networks. You can always change this back if you get a router which does "n".

18 Oct @ 20:24

RE: need to know if i can change modem,old comp needs new life.

Probably. Most modems are either external, and so should connect to any machine, or internal, using a PCI connection. Again any modern machine should have one of those. The only exception is some older internal modems using the CNR socket, most modern machines don't have that any longer. If you give us some more information, e.g. modem model, PC make and model, we may be able to help better.

23 Sep @ 17:52

RE: having problems connecting to internet

If your wireless is connected, it sounds as if the problem is the connection from your router to the internet. Can you connect via a wired connection? You may have a specific wireless connection manager on your machine, it depends on which wireless card you have. Otherwise, look in Start/Control Panel/Network connections, you should be able to set up the wireless from there.

6 Sep @ 20:55

RE: Laptop Screen - Intermittent 'Jumping' Problem

Can you plug an external monitor in to the PC and see if the problem occurs on that as well. If it does not, it is probably the LCD, if it does, it may be the video chip.

26 Aug @ 12:04

RE: Computer not starting

If Windows is not starting, but the PC is powering up into the BIOS and trying to boot, it may not be a virus at all. Another possibility is that the hard disk has failed or is corrupted. If you can boot to a Command Prompt, you can try CHKDSK. There are also other commands to fix the boot partition, but these can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

20 Aug @ 12:06

RE: usb stick/flash drives

You may need to encrypt your data with a program that runs on both Mac and Windows before you copy it to the Flash drive. If the flash is formatted FAT32, both should be able to read/write without any problems. At the simplest level, could you use something like zip, with a password to encrypt the data?

20 Aug @ 11:56

RE: keyboard cover

Do you need to remove the DVD drive itself, or a DVD from the drive? If the latter, there is normally a pinhole on the DVD drive, near the button. Use a paper clip or similar to probe inside this pinhole, it should trip the release latch.

1 Aug @ 22:26

RE: ADVENT AIO 100 cant find drivers for soundcard having a nightmare

It looks as if Dell use the same chipset in some of their machines. Have you tried the audio drivers for the Dell Inspiron 1440/1545/1750 notebooks? There should have been a copy of the drivers on the hard disk, or was that lost in a reformat?

29 Jul @ 22:29

RE: problem with upgrading mac

If you can get a good copy of teh Leopard CD, you should be able to boot from that. Then hopefully you will be able to see exactly what is on teh hard disk, and if your data is there, copy it off ( onto another disk, USB stick or CD/DVD.). To boot a Mac from CD, press the "C" key during startup.

29 Jul @ 22:21

RE: wireless connection but no internet access

It sounds as if your Internet connection has got the wrong settings somehow or the macbook is not detecting when it is connected to the network. It is possible that your HOSTS file has got corrupted or changed, this can stop net access. Look for a file called "hosts", probably in a system folder called "etc", open that with a text editor, it should normally only have one line in it " Localhost". Any other lines suggest that it has been tampered with and may be the cause.

15 Jul @ 20:34

RE: Hi i see blue dots on Dell start up screen at the end of its life...before i was playing call of dut

We need more information on the model involved. Is it a desktop or a laptop? Please give the exact model number, or better still the Dell Service tag, then someone can give you a better idea of cost.

13 Jul @ 17:59

RE: Error 104 on 3 dongle

We get a lot of problems with these 3 dongles. Have you tried it in different locations, it could be a poor signal where you are. Alternatively, try it on another machine, that should identify whether the problem is with the PC or the dongle.

13 Jul @ 17:57

RE: Laptop screen colour false pink green!

It depends exactly which model, but a laptop screen is typically &#163;80-100, plus about one hours labour to fit it and test. It depends on who is local to you and what they charge, but probably &#163;110-150 in total. Cheaper than a new machine if everything else is OK.

10 Jul @ 20:14

RE: errror message when burning

Probably the same issue. The laser has failed. Replacement drives are cheap and easy to fit.

17 Jun @ 21:42

RE: RALink wireless lan card has unistalled its self, and my internet no longer works, the programme won

Go into Device Manager ( Start/Run "devmgmt.msc") and uninstall the card. Reboot, windows should redetect it and re-install.

16 Jun @ 21:55

RE: my 3 connect dongle does not work any more

Are you in an area where it has worked before? or could you just be out of signal range? How new is the dongle, if it is still under warranty, take it back to the supplier. If not, can you try it in another PC, these dongles seem to fail quite often.

15 Jun @ 17:39

RE: fujitsu amilo 1705black screen when turned on and just stays that way!!

To give you a better idea of price, if it is the screen that is faulty, you are looking at almost &#163;100 for parts alone. If it is the motherboard, it may even be &#163;150 in parts. Labour charges will vary by area and who you use, but you are probably looking at &#163;150-200 to fix it. On the other hand, if it is just the inverter or a loose cable, it may be well under &#163;50.

8 Jun @ 22:37

RE: laptop lcd screen replacement

Regarding my earlier comment, you do have colour on all the screen, admittedly some of it is white, but if the connection was faulty, the faulty part would be black, and unlit. Regarding any potential suppliers, the company that you mention is based in USA. We are all UK based, and so would not have any experience of US companies.

8 Jun @ 22:33

RE: laptop lcd screen replacement

I agree, I don't think its a connection problem. You have colour all over your screen. If it was a cable problem, you would have half the screen totally dark. You could fix it yourself if you want to avoid going back to the supplier, you just need to buy a new LCD ( probably about &#163;85) and fit it. Or get them to do it for free!

6 Jun @ 19:06

RE: laptop lcd screen replacement

Reading the OP, I assumed that the screen did not PHYSICALLY divide in half, but that the display on it did. That sounds more like an electrical malfunction. The LCD itself may not be damaged, but the circuits are.

4 Jun @ 20:02

RE: vista to XP

If the Vista PC is much newer, you may have problems finding XP drivers for the hardware. It is best to check them out first. Try the PC manufacturers website. You may also have a licencing issue. Depending which version of Vista you have, you may not be licenced to put XP on the PC. You cannot use teh same key as it will already have been registered.

19 May @ 21:37

RE: Problem with my 3 Dongle

Check the manual for your PC. On some ultra portable machines that I have seen, you can only use certain USB slots for certain things. e.g. a printer must be in one particular slot, memory sticks must only go in a different one. It seems that they did not implement the full USB interface on all ports.

8 Apr @ 21:45


Do other web sites work or do you have a problem with your internet connection?

27 Mar @ 22:04

RE: Installing XP on a TIME PC

Given the age of the machine, and the fact that it was probably a cheap one, could it be faulty caps on the motherboard?

25 Mar @ 23:24

RE: connection problem

Press teh Start Button, select Control Panel, and look for Uninstall a Program. This will give a list of installed programs. Find Norton in the list, highlight it and select Uninstall.

23 Mar @ 22:24

RE: Having problems with sage since amending vat to 15%. Now showing up numerous errors in disk doctor w

This sounds like a question for Sage support. I am not sure that we have any Sage experts here.

8 Mar @ 21:41

RE: laptop

Andrew, That will only work if the Admin password has not been set, and the policy to block admin logons has not been set. Additionally, if you delete the password, you will lose any stored passwords etc.

7 Mar @ 16:51

RE: My Live mail account in windows 7 refuses to recognise my password since I removed the account and t

Technical note: When faced with this king of problem on site, I often find that trying to connect to the POP server via Telnet will give an indication of what is wrong. If it is the username, you will normally get a rejection after the "USER" prompt, and before the "PASS" prompt. The normal syntax, in case you don't know, is "telnet 110" then "user username" then "pass password", it should reply "OK" if you get through. Control_Z will normally exit.

2 Mar @ 21:48

RE: Advent 5611

Could still be overheating, but sounds more like disk problems. Both defrag and AV work the PC fairly hard. Is the fan working?

26 Feb @ 21:04

RE: outgoing smtp problem

For those that do not go, do they NEVER go, or not go immediately? IIRC Windows Mail only sends mail every x minutes ( where x can be as long as 30). Check the settings, you may be able to change this.

25 Feb @ 20:54

RE: easyshare software

Try re-installing it. Sometimes that will offer you a Repair option. Otherwise the reinstall might clean it up enough for you to uninstall it. Otherwise, look for an uninstall program in the Easyshare folder.

25 Feb @ 15:35

RE: emails and add to favorites

Cloning is best, but may not work if you are getting a Blue screen. If you want to copy the files, they are in:- Address Book c:\documents and settings\username\application data\Microsoft\Address book Emails c:\documents and settings\username\local settings\application data\identities\random string\microsoft\outlook express Favourites c:\documents and settings\username\favorites Substitute your login name for "username" in the paths above.

22 Feb @ 15:36

RE: My Live mail account in windows 7 refuses to recognise my password since I removed the account and t

Another possibility is that the stored password is incorrect and gets rejected by the POP server each time. Go into the Mail account settings, uncheck the box "Remember my password", save and exit Live Mail. Then go in again, and put the password in and ask it to "remember my password".

20 Feb @ 22:04

RE: power supply in back of laptop will not hold charge. It is not the battery as I have tried a new one

Does the laptop work without the battery and with the mains plugged in? If not, it is probably either the power connector inside the machine broken, or a blown motherboard. Either can be fixed, but may not be worth doing.

20 Feb @ 21:53

RE: pictures

You need a way of connecting your camera to your laptop. Usually this is a USB lead. You may also need some software to enable you to copy the pictures over, it depends on the make of camera. Did you get a CD with the camera? At the simplest level, just connect up the camera and PC, and look in "My Computer" you may find the camera shows up as an external disk drive.

14 Feb @ 20:06

RE: XP won't boot

During boot, press F8 to get the Safe Mode menu, and select "Disable automatic restart on failure". This should let you see the diagnostic codes when it fails. They will give a better clue. PS, to clear the diagnostic screen you have to power off, nothing else works.

22 Jan @ 21:08

RE: 3 dongle connection

It sounds to me as if you are getting a wireless connection when you are near another PC, and when you move away, you get disconnected. I don't think the 3G dongle is working at all in this PC.These are two different technologies used for connecting to the net. One uses wireless to connect to a modem/router plugged into a broadband line, the other (3G) uses the mobile phone network to get connected. Many modern laptops have both as wireless is usually much cheaper to run. To check which version of Windows you are running, look at Control Panel/System - that will say Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit.

17 Jan @ 17:38

RE: HP slimline pavillion

Has the machine been dropped or knocked? It is possible that the drive has come loose from it's connection. They are usually held in by a single screw underneath, once that is removed, you can slide the drive out and reseat it. Otherwise, it sounds as if the laser has gone and the drive will need to be replaced. You should be able to get a slimline DVD RW drive for about &#163;25-30.

17 Jan @ 17:32

RE: how do i do a factory restore

Do you have Restore discs, or are you trying to use a Restore partition on the hard disk? What Operating System are you running? XP, Vista, Windows 7? If you have Restore CD's, put the CD in, and reboot the PC. It should start from the CD and offer to do a Restore. If it is from a Restore partition on the hard disk, you normally have to press a key during the startup phase to get into it. The key varies by machine, often it is F9 or F10.

16 Jan @ 17:17

RE: HP slimline pavillion

Can you hear the CD spinning in the drive? It may be that the drive has broken. They are fairly cheap and easy to replace.

16 Jan @ 17:12

RE: I can''t quit imovie. Everything else is working fine, but it won''t let me close its window, quit

I am not sure if you are using a PC or a Mac, but either way, you should be able to shut the machine down by holding the power button in for about 7-8 seconds. It sounds as if this program has got in a loop, have you checked the supplier's web site for an updated version.

15 Jan @ 22:56

RE: Error message on Apple imac G5 on boot up....Help!!

Try booting from the OSx disk. Put the disk in the machine, and press "C" whilst it is starting. That should boot from the CD and let you repair the missing file. It looks like that is usr/lib/libncurses.5.4.dylib, you may need to re-download it or copy it from the CD.

12 Jan @ 12:20

RE: i plugged the battery charger in,worked fine for a while,then i smelt something.the jack plug has ov

It sounds as if there may be a short inside the case. The socket itself does not normally smell, it is more likely to be a burned out component in that area. I would recommend that you backup any important data, and then get someone to have a look at it. If it is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer or shop, if not, try a local PCIQ repairer, but be warned, if a component has burned out, it will not be a cheap repair.

3 Jan @ 17:00

RE: spare parts

Parts for older machines are not always easy to find. One good source is Ebay, but check the condition carefully. In some cases, the parts are used in more than one model, so you may find that the lid from a similar model will also fit, but you need to check carefully. Fitting is fairly straightforward, but you do need to know which screws to remove, and some of them are very small, and can easily be lost.

3 Jan @ 16:57

RE: Data retrieval

It depends on why/how the disk has failed. If the disk is still functioning, but cannot be seen/read on your PC, it may be readable if fitted into another PC as a slave. There are various recovery programs available which may work, depending on the nature of the damage. However, using these may make the problem worse. Whether you want to try yourself or call in a professional depends on how important the data is to you. In the case of physical damage to the disk, there may only be limited opportunity to recover the data, if you try, you may cause more damage and make it irrecoverable except with very specialised equipment and a potential cost in the thousands.

18 Dec @ 21:35

RE: ACER 1640Z

It looks like some startup program is failing to load correctly. You could try looking in EventViewer to see if there is any more information. Have you installed any new programs recently? Perhaps they did not install correctly

13 Dec @ 14:55

RE: Siemens Se587 Wlan DSL port forwarding testing help

One way you could test it yourself would be if you had a dialup modem. You could then connect your PC to teh internet via dialup, bypassing the router, and connect to the router's external IP address. It is usually much easier to ask a friend. Whether your router aloows "internal connections to the external address" varies by make. It is not common on the cheaper home routers that most of us use. However, it might work. Have you tried it?

12 Dec @ 15:00

RE: wireless connection

Some laptops have a physical switch to enable/disable teh wireless card. Check that yours is on. It should show in Device Manager. If it has a red mark, it is either disabled or broken, if it has a yellow mark, it is probably just a driver issue. Let us know what Device Manager shows

11 Dec @ 17:43

RE: Screen goes Blank

Check the power settings in Control Panel. It may be set to shut down after 45 minutes.

11 Dec @ 17:39

RE: New desktop pc

To explain a bit more about HAL. As Jon says, this is the Hardware abstraction layer which sits between the OS kernel and the CPU. It handles things like multi-threading if the app and hardware is capable, and allocates work between the CPU's if you have more than one. It appears on disk as "hall.dll", but on the install disk there are multiple versions, e.g. halacpi.dl_, halmcpi.dl_, etc. The install process decides which one to expand as hal.dll based on the physical hardware present - multi core, ACPI capable etc. For some reason, you cannot just expand the correct version and overwrite the one that is in system32 ( or so MS say). perhaps it is because the file is locked when the PC is up. I am sure that I have swapped one in the past by booting from a live CD.

6 Dec @ 15:32

RE: New desktop pc

Don't forget, apart from incompatible device drivers, you may also need to change the HAL for the new PC. If your old machine is a single CPU, and the new one has dual, triple or even quad cores, you will not get the best out of it. There are similar issues with ACPI and non APCI machines.

5 Dec @ 20:26

RE: Upgraded to Windows 7 now printer won't work

Is he sure that he got the right drivers? There are two versions, one for 64bit operating systems, and one for 32 bit O/S's. I could not see any drivers specifically for Windows 7, but the Vista ones should work. Try deleting the printer, unplug it from the PC. Shutdown and restart the PC. Then plug the printer in, and the PC should recognise it. When it asks for a driver, point it to the files that he downloaded.

3 Dec @ 16:33

RE: ubuntu

You would need to buy a copy of XP or Vista to put on there if you really need Windows, however, the machine may be under-powered for Windows. You should be able to find applications to open most of your saved files that will run under Ubuntu. If you are talking of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, try looking for Open Office. That will run on both Windows and Ubuntu, and is free.

29 Nov @ 16:35

RE: Windows vista has crashed and was unstable on my neighbours computer he has loaded the backup disc N

It should not take that long. It will normally start within a few seconds and should restore the whole disk in about 20 minutes. Perhaps the problem is the hard disk?

29 Nov @ 16:33

RE: adaptor usb wireless

That message normally means that your USB adapter cannot find the router or cannot connect. Have you set security on the link, and did you put in the correct passphrase? Check your wireless settings carefully. If you can't connect to the router, anything trying to use the internet will fail.

23 Nov @ 16:08

RE: The screen on my laptop has gone grey with blotches. Have tried Fn +F6 which just changed the colou

It could be a corrupt video driver. You do not say what Operating System you are running, but if it is XP, Vista or 7, try doing a System Restore to the point before it went wrong. To get into System Restore, press F8 just after the PC starts, but before windows starts, this should give you a menu. In XP select Safe Mode, and then System Restore. On Vista or W7, select "Repair my computer" from the menu.

9 Nov @ 21:34

RE: ram memory upgrade

Otherwise, go onto the Crucial web site, and run their Memory scanner. It will tell you what you have and what you need.

6 Nov @ 23:08

RE: speaker problem no sound

If it is a laptop, sometimes they have a physical switch to disable the speakers. Check, it is usually on the side or front - a small slider.

1 Nov @ 21:16


I have had Edimax kit in the past and found that whilst it worked out of the box, it needed rebooting a couple of times a week. One customer has had similar issues with Edimax and has now bought another brand. Overall, I find the budget brands less reliable.

31 Oct @ 21:15

RE: acer aspire x3200

What operating System?

24 Oct @ 17:56

RE: My parents PC randomly shuts down and it is also extremely sluggish when in use.

Another thing that I noticed from the HJT log- how many printers do you have? You have both an Epson and Lexmark installed. If you don't use both, remove the redundant one.

19 Oct @ 22:56

RE: PC when started stays at the Safe Mode screen

David, One thing you could try. Restart the PC, after the initial screen, but before Windows tries to start, press F8. You should get a menu with several options, including Safe mode etc. Towards the bottom is "Disable Automatic Restart". Select that one. It will probably still go through to the blue screen, but that screen will stay there and you will be able to read the diagnostics. There will be an Error code in the format 0xnnnnnnnn and probably a text reason. Post those back here and we should be able to give you a better idea of where the problem is and whether you can fix it yourself, or you need to call in a professional.

13 Oct @ 22:56

RE: network connections

On many laptops, there is a physical switch to turn on/off the wireless. It may be a key combination, e.g. Fn + one of teh F keys, or it may be a slider switch, usually near the wifi light.

10 Sep @ 15:38

RE: hi i have an advent hd5721 model i lost connection to the interne due my isp being off ine now the

Jan, One thing that is worth trying, whether you are on Virgin cable or Virgin ADSL. Turn off your cable modem/router. Leave it off for 30-45 seconds, then turn it on again. That should make it reconnect to the network.

7 Sep @ 23:01

RE: how to fix the problem with my laptop

In Device Manager, uninstall the CD drive. Shut down the PC and then restart it ( total power off shutdown, not just restart). Windows should redetect the drive and set it up correctly.

4 Sep @ 15:11

RE: cd rom

It is also possible that it has got jammed. When the PC is switched on, look for a small hole on the front of the CD dive, and push a pin or paperclip into it. It will go in a little way and then you will feel some resistance. Push a little more - it is a manual "open" button. If it still does not open, the drive motor has probably gone.

3 Sep @ 22:00

RE: keyboard problems

On most laptops, to remove the keyboard you have to prise up the plastic strip along the top to reveal the fixing screws.Sometimes there is a screw from the bottom of the case as well, look for a screw with a K in a circle by it. Once you have removed the screws, lift it carefully, you will need to detach the cable as well. You may be able to clean it up, it depends where the liquid went as some parts are sealed.

3 Sep @ 21:50

RE: my mackbook pro got burnt by a candle today and the cover and screen is damaged any ideas?

Depending on how bad the damage is, you are probably looking at £300 plus. Check your insurance policy, they might cover it.

31 Aug @ 22:51

RE: Problem with Dell 1525

Which Anti Virus was that? Was it called WinAntiVirus2009 by any chance?

30 Aug @ 21:55

RE: toshiba laptop running slow.

Just a guess, but taking the battery out has probably corrupted the hard disk and Windows install, so a re-install might cure that. That would be consistent with PC World not being able to recover much of your data. However, that does not explain the original problem. It might have frozen for a number of reasons - short on RAM, overheating, corrupt hard disk, other fault. Even if you wipe it and re-install, you might find that the original problem is still there. It may be possible to sort out the problem, but I suspect it will not be quick, and therefore not cheap.

29 Aug @ 21:13

RE: PC is not turning on!

How old is the PC? It could be a capacitor that has gone. If so, it means a replacement motherboard, unless you can find someone to trace it and attempt a repair by soldering in a new one.

29 Aug @ 21:03

RE: WindowsVista Media Player CD Drive.

That DVDRW drive is also your CD drive, it is dual function. However, the message sounds as if the driver software has not installed correctly. If the problem recurs, it could either be a faulty driver, or the CD/DVD drive itself going wrong. In the latter case, it should be fixed under warranty, and as it is hardware, they SHOULD be able to do that without affecting your data. In any event, the smart move would be to back up any data that you don't want to lose, just in case.

28 Aug @ 21:44

RE: Sleep Mode

It depends whether it is fully asleep or just partly. You may find that pressing a key will wake it up. Otherwise, when you press the power button, it should say "Resuming" and start up to where you left it.

24 Aug @ 20:58

RE: I am being sent e_mail by friends but am not receiving them. Why

There could be a number of reasons:- 1 They have got your Email address wrong 2 Their ISP has been blacklisted by your ISP, so any mail is getting rejected 3 The mail arrives at your ISP, but it contains a virus and is being blocked by your ISP 4 The mail is being diverted into your Junk mail folder ( could be several reasons why)

24 Aug @ 20:56


Is it a laptop or a desktop? Some laptops will go into low power mode when the battery needs charging. If it is a desktop, you may have changed the power settings accidentally. Go into Control Panel/Power Options and check. Even if the screen is blank, you may find that pressing any key will cause it to come back to life. This is normal if the power save option is set to blank the screen after just a few minutes. Change the timeout to something longer, e.g. 30 or 60 minutes.

21 Aug @ 18:34


Is it a laptop or a desktop? Some laptops will go into low power mode when the battery needs charging. If it is a desktop, you may have changed the power settings accidentally. Go into Control Panel/Power Options and check. Even if the screen is blank, you may find that pressing any key will cause it to come back to life. This is normal if the power save option is set to blank the screen after just a few minutes. Change the timeout to something longer, e.g. 30 or 60 minutes.

21 Aug @ 18:33


We need a bit more information - laptop or desktop? What Operating System - XP or Vista? Will it start up in normal mode, or does it give some error? If so, what?

17 Aug @ 22:29

RE: Sleep

You can adjust the sleep settings in Control Panel/Power Options. If you don't want it to sleep so quickly, change the time from 10 minutes to 30 or 60. If it does go to sleep, you should be able to just press the power button and it should come back to life.

6 Aug @ 20:12

RE: I have problem with connection to the internet

How are you connected to the internet, dialup, cable or ADSL? How should your PC connect to the modem/router - wireless or Ethernet? Are any other PC's connected on the same internet link? and are they working, or is there a problem with your Internet connection?

6 Aug @ 20:09

RE: Problem

As it is a laptop, can you find/borrow a standard PC keyboard and plug that into your laptop and use that. Then see if the problem goes away. If so, it suggests that there is a problem with your keyboard. Have you spilled anything on it? Most laptop keyboards are not too difficult to replace, and are relatively cheap, as long as it is the keyboard itself that has a problem. If it is the controller chip, that gets expensive.

5 Aug @ 22:51

RE: start up problem vista home premium

Sometimes when you install an update, on the next reboot, it has to do some additional work. If you stop this, and do a repair, it will take it back to the previous version. Try letting it reboot and just wait and see if it starts again OK. Otherwise, next time it happens, look for the Update Log file, that may give some clues.

5 Aug @ 21:00

RE: I have erased my volume device from my laptop by going in to control panel and remove programmes now

You have probably either removed the sound driver, or the sound card software. You can probably fix it yourself, but we need to know what operating system you are running, e.g. XP, Vista etc. The instructions may be slightly different.

28 Jun @ 23:18

RE: Email alert

What the F buttons do varies by program. It is up to the person who wrote the program to decide and write the code accordingly. Having said that, there are some conventions which most ( but not all) programs follow. For example, F1 will normally take you to the Help screens. F5 will normally refresh a screen.

26 Jun @ 11:17

RE: computer suddenly REALLY slow

On most routers, including the N ones that I have seen, in the wireless config there is an option to select which standards you support. Sometimes it will say B/G/N, sometimes it will be expressed as a speed, e.g. 11/54/270mbps. I have even seen N described as Turbo mode.

9 Jun @ 22:23


What operating system are you running?

5 Jun @ 20:21

RE: Sending e-mails

The other possibility is that the stored password has been "forgotten" by Windows. This happens occasionally with XP, and other versions of Windows. To fix it, you have to edit the Registry, and this deletes all stored passwords and lets you set them up again.

31 May @ 21:14

RE: sony vaio

If you have the Recovery Disks, they should work, but THEY WILL DELETE ALL OF YOUR DATA. Also, they may not solve the problem if the hard disk itself is failing. If you do not have any important data on there, you could give the Recovery Disks a go. When you boot from the Recovery Disk, after a couple of minutes, depending on how teh Recovery disks are created, you may get some options, including "Repair this Windows installation" Try that first, it is the least destructive.. If that fails, you may have to do a fresh install. For some manufacturers, you do not get these options, all they supply is an image of the disk as it left the factory, in such a case, your only option is to run the image copy routine which will overwrite everything.

25 May @ 21:31

RE: sony vaio

That message usually indicates a problem with the hard disk. Either it is corrupt, some or all of the critical Windows files have been deleted, or the disk itself, or it's connection have failed. If the machine is still under warranty, take it back to where you bought it. Be aware, you will probably lose any data that is on the disk. If you have critical data on there that you do not want to lose, you probably need to get a professional to look at it. Even then, the data may be irrecoverable. Do you have any backups?

25 May @ 21:19

RE: c/d dvd writer drawer

Is the eject button on the front moving normally or is it getting stuck? It sounds as if teh drive may be on it's way out, a replacement is fairly cheap and easy to fit. You can upgrade to a DVD for not much more.

17 May @ 22:26

RE: Computer start up speed with Windows XP

Another possibility is that the Disk Controller has set itself into PIO mode instead of DMA. That can make an enormous difference to disk performance. The only cure that I know is to delete both the IDE channels and controller in Device Manager, and reboot. On the restart, they should be redetected and set up correctly. IIRC, the usual cause is a disk that is having problems, if Windows gets too many bad read s through DMA, it drops back to PIO as more reliable, but about a quarter of the speed.

24 Apr @ 20:35

RE: netgear router cannot find ADSL signal

One thing that no-one has suggested, have you tried a different cable from the phone socket to the router. There is just a chance it is a faulty cable.

21 Feb @ 17:32

RE: Boot up error

There were some HP laptops that had a cooling problem and resulted in the graphics card burning out. Check the HP web site for more details quoting your specific model number. HP did offer an extended warranty for these machines, but I am not sure if it has run out now. I think the machines involved were made between 18 and 30 months ago. Does that fit the age of your laptop?

1 Feb @ 21:47

RE: IE cannot display Web Page but firefox working fine

Which box on the LAN settings was ticked? Was it Proxy? There has been a virus which not only infected PC's but also installed a program called Tiny Proxy. This redirected your web surfing to their chosen sites. Most of the AV programs detected and killed the virus, but did not clean up the proxy settings. Look in C:Program Files for a folder called Tiny proxy. If it is there, go to Control Panel/Add/remove programs and uninstall Tiny.

1 Feb @ 21:37

RE: dr watson portermen debugger!?

Just for information - Dr Watson debugger is part of Windows, it kicks in when Windows has a problem to try and fix/find the cause. It is not a virus.

22 Dec @ 21:04

RE: need to find local area connections file to connect to internet

Assuming that you are running Windows XP, click on the Start button, and select "Connect to". That should offer you an option to add a network connection. Run through that wizard and it should set your PC up for networking. Plug the Ethernet cable into the PC, and after a few seconds it should connect. If you are running Vista, the process is similar, but the menu option that you chose is called "Network".

22 Dec @ 21:02

RE: hard drive

Most modern drives support SMART monitoring of hard disks. This can report on several critical issues, e.g. re-allocated sectors, read failures, temperature etc. You can download a tool to read this data from That may give you a better idea of whether your disk is near failure. Regular monitoring will also help spot any changes over time.

18 Dec @ 22:57

RE: Computer switches on but the screen does not show anything

It sounds as if you have lost all your screen icons. Can you see the menu via the Start button? The other possibility is that someone/something has changed your desktop to a blank blue screen. Look in Control Panel/Display and make sure the desktop is set as you expect.

13 Dec @ 21:40

RE: NTLDR is missing. Press any key to restart.

I have seen a similar one recently. It was not just NTLDR that was missing, but also and boot.ini. I was lucky, I mounted the disk on another PC, and just copied the missing files across and it worked. The XPP ones seem to be the same as XPH.

28 Nov @ 14:33

RE: lost internet connection

Try turning the cable modem off, and leave it off overnight. Then try reconnecting the next day, that might clear any connection history that the modem or Virgin's network has. When you switch it back on, check the lights on the modem, are they the normal ones? If not, call Virgin again. If they are, perhaps the problem is between the modem and your PC. Go to a Command prompt ( Start/Run "cmd") and type "ipconfig" ( without the quotes). It should tell you your IP address.

22 Nov @ 21:42

RE: wiping computer

One more CRITICAL question, assuming that you are running Windows, does it have the licence sticker on the case with the licence key? If not, the first thing you must do is find out the licence key that you are currently using. There are tools available to do this, Google for "Magic Jelly Bean Key finder" and download that program. It will tell you your licence key.

9 Nov @ 22:57

RE: internet

On some recent laptops, when you plug in an Ethernet cable it automatically disables the wireless. Removing the cable re-enables the wireless again. If the wireless is not working, check if you have the correct security code for the router. Are you sure that you are trying to connect to the right router? sometimes the signal from a neighbour can be stronger and override your normal connection.

8 Nov @ 22:01

RE: URGENT unabled to open an attachment

What type of file is it? There are some security settings which will let a sender set a file so that it can only be opened once, or cannot be copied/forwarded. Depending on the file type, there may be ways round this.

28 Oct @ 17:10

RE: devils blue professional xp not starting like it should.keeps going back to the start

Try disabling Automatic Restart on failure. When the PC is starting up, after the BIOS screen, press F8 before Windows starts, you should get a menu, one of the options near the bottom of the list is "Disable automatic restart". That will let you see the Error Message. Post that back here and someone may be able to help better. It is possibly a corrupt Registry, or a driver not loading correctly. For parts, we need to know exactly which model of Pavilion, parts may not be available for some older models.

26 Oct @ 16:21

RE: Cannot start PC - Wont start in safe mode etc

Does the PC try to start at all? If not, it may be a power supply problem. If it tries to start, but cannot find the hard disk, it may be a disk problem, or other hardware. Do you have a bootable CD, e.g. your Windows disk? Will it boot from that? In any event, it sounds as if you need an expert to look at it. As long as the hard disk works, it should be possible to copy the data off, even if the PC won't boot, the disk can be removed and read from another machine.

18 Oct @ 21:48

RE: i have lost my network adapters on my time mobile amd athlon (tm) laptop. please advise on how i c

Assuming that you are running W2000, XP or Vista, go into Device Manager ( Right click on My Computer, select Manage, then Device Manager. See if they are listed there. If so, but with a red cross or yellow Exclamation mark, right click on the adapter line, select Properties, and Update driver. If they are not shown, on the Actions menu, select Scan for hardware changes.

17 Oct @ 17:24

RE: limtedor no connectectivty

It sounds to me as if you have the wireless encryption key wrong. Check what type of encryption (WEP or WPA) the router is using, and set the laptop to be the same. If it is WPA, also check whether you are using TKIP or AES coding. There may be an old profile stored in the PC which is confusing it. Using the Wireless manager, delete any old profiles in the wifi configuration, and set it up from scratch.

27 Sep @ 20:22

RE: Changing Computer - Need to transfer all old archived emails from Outlook across

Assuming that the new PC is running XP or Vista, the easiest way to move everything across ( documents, spreadsheets, photos etc as well as Emails) is to use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard that MS supply as part of XP and Vista. You should find it in Accessories/System Tools.

26 Sep @ 22:51

RE: Start up messages

Another possibility is that a program has been set up to run, but they forgot to put the quotes around the full path and name. Windows is reading but, but taking each space as the end of the name.

26 Sep @ 22:29

RE: my lap top is dead !

To identify whether it is the Power Supply or motherboard, try the following:- 1 Plug in the laptop. 2 Turn it on. Do you get any lights on the laptop? Does the power supply have a light on it, and is that on? If there are no lights coming on, it is probably the power supply - you can get replacements. If the lights come on, but nothing else happens, it is probably the motherboard or processor. The latter is expensive, but you need to get a professional to have a look to give you a quote.

28 Aug @ 21:09

RE: attachments

It could be a setting in the PC or browser which is blocking potentially harmful attachments. Check near the top of the screen, is there any warning that "Windows has blocked attachments...." or similar?

22 Aug @ 17:35

RE: Outlook refuse to send emails. Also, Webpages disappear.

I have also seen a similar problem with Norton. When sending Emails, the AV scanner was so slow that the SMTP connection was timing out. You can adjust the SMTP timeout, or get rid of Norton and put a faster AV package on.

22 Aug @ 17:33

RE: basicly i sent my Advent laptop to be repaired by the tech guys on my monthly insurence and it was s

New PC's are normally supplied with either a Recovery Disk, or with a copy of the disk on a Recovery partition. If it is a Recovery partition, when you first use the PC, there will be a prompt come you suggesting that you create the Repair Disk. Did you do that, and have you tried using it?

22 Aug @ 17:27

RE: Outlook Express Spell Checker and Office 2007

Slightly Off topic, but I use Sea Monkey which is a branch of teh Mozilla/Thunderbird family. I have multiple Email accounts and can specify which outgoing SMTP server to use for each account. There is also a default one which gets used if you don't specify. On Sea Moneky the option is set on "Edit/Mail and Newsgroups Account Settings/" and is towards the bottom of the main tab for each account.

7 Jun @ 22:21

RE: laptor running slow and not letting me in to some sites

That does sound like a virus or similar. Do you have any AV software, and what does a scan show? The virus/trojan may also have corrupted your Hosts file, or changed your networking setup. Your options are probably:- 1 Take a backup of any documents/photos etc that you want to keep. Reformat the HDD and re-install Windows and all your programs. or 2 Call in a professional

14 Feb @ 22:49

RE: I am having problems with wireless connection to my xbox 360, the problem being my wireless adator i

Check the instructions that came with the Live box. To connect a new device you have to press one of the buttons on the Orange live box and then have about 30 seconds to connect it.

14 Dec @ 23:11