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RE: Daughter tried loading windows xp service pack2 disc she bought from pc world now screen is black ev

Try SAFE Mode, How ? As soon as you press the power botton to switch on the computer start tapping "F8" key from the top row. If you manage to get white writing on black screen , select Safe Mode, using you up and down keys and hit enter. Next step will be to restore you computer back to earlier date, from Start>Programs>Acessories>Syestem Tools> Stystem Restore.

18 Apr @ 00:46

RE: just bought this laptop and thought it had wireless built in but it cant find a wireless network and

Best way to find in device manage. Right Click "My Computer", select "Hardware" from the tabs, and then click on "Device Manager". It will give you the list of all the devices present in your computer. Click on the Plus sign next to Network Adapter , it will all the network adapter. see if you can find any adapter say WLan or Wireless. If not then i am afraid you dont have one.

18 Apr @ 00:26

RE: dvd and cd rom not recognised error cannot initialise this device. tried uninstall and reinstall. wi

There is setting for the jumpers at the back of all the roms, where you connect the power cable. You will see 8 pins and a jumper connecting any two of them pins. Depending on the brand of the DVD rom there will be guidence for different selections. Try to make set it on "cable select" or "Slave". You can also start your computer in SAFE MODE,(Taping F8) on start up , and then try removeing DVD rom from the device manager.

18 Apr @ 00:19


Check your startups , Start>Programs>Starups. If found MS word in there, right click and delete.

18 Apr @ 00:08