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RE: advent webcam not working

More to the point, why do people buy Advent?

22 Jul @ 22:04

RE: Acer Extensa 5235 Laptop Problem - PLEASE HELP!

If you're thinking about buying a new laptop v's repairing the old one then I'd be tempted to say buy a new one. A new hard drive is &#163;60, labour would be roughly the same and a Windows 7 installation disk will be over &#163;100.

18 Jun @ 20:05

RE: need help for keyboard settings !

You are outside of the UK ! Move here from Belguim and then we can help you ! Bye !

19 May @ 15:53

RE: Can't install my 3 Huawei dongle software

Version of Windows on both laptops? AV installed? Security software installed? Age of laptop? Have you tried 3's website and the latest software from there?

30 Apr @ 22:02

RE: spread sheets

Do you mean the grids don't print out?

28 Apr @ 18:43

RE: computer slow

Jamie, Do as Jon first suggested - double the RAM (or more if you can). Increasing the amount of RAM from 512MB (frankly I'm not surprised that your having speed issues) to AT LEAST 1GB. Visit to buy the correct type of RAM for your PC. Once you've done that then the other issues will fade away into the background.

28 Apr @ 08:42

RE: Problem downloading emails with attachments from BT via POP

Settings for BT are: username: pop and smtp: NO SSL, ports 25 and 110 user authentication turned on.

16 Apr @ 21:40

RE: Keyboard issues

External keyboard will be the only fix. How old is the laptop?

14 Apr @ 17:25

RE: Red cross on wireless icon

PS The encryption levels (WPA2 - WPA - WEP) need to be changed through your wireless router.

25 Feb @ 00:29

RE: Red cross on wireless icon

Have you ever been able to connect to this wireless connection using your laptop? If not then I'm willing to bet that your encryption is WPA or WPA2. Some XP machines don't like WPA or WAP2 encryption so you should change it to WPA and test - if it fails to connect then lower the encryption to WEP I'll bet you're using a wireless dongle as well which is another pointer to the encryption being too high for it to connect.

25 Feb @ 00:28

RE: wiping my laptop

Why do you want to wipe the laptop? If you don't know the administrator password then how have you been using it? Why do you need the administrator password?

16 Feb @ 19:48

RE: Poor performance from 3 dongle.

Poor 3G phone signal. Getting 'real' broadband is the only answer for you.

8 Feb @ 23:54

RE: MacAffee is stating that is a dangerous site and blocks it is a website which is McAfee is blocking access to and which is why a virus scan does not show anything. It's a scam site - stay away from it.

8 Feb @ 09:35

RE: Failed wireless connection

Hi Kate, Follow these instruction to create a peer-to-peer network: If this works and your husband can connect to it using his laptop then the airport card is good and something is wrong with your installation of OSX. If it doesnt work then your airport card is faulty / intermittently faulty and will need replaced.

1 Oct @ 20:07

RE: Failed wireless connection

Richard to the rescue….. hopefully! Kate, try these: 1. Turn Airport OFF 2. Navigate to the folder (NOTE THE DIFFERENCE): /YourHardDrive/YourHomeDirectoryLibrary/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and delete the files Jon listed: a) b) c) If you can't find your wireless network in the keychain then it means you have NEVER connected to it using the Mac but you also say that the Airport is on and the network name is ticked. Do you have a phone or another laptop with wireless? If so can you connect to the wireless? Try this as well: Go to System Preferences -> Network -> Airport -> Advanced -> Select your wireless network name and press "-" to delete it. Shutdown, restart and try again.

29 Sep @ 21:53
29 Sep @ 21:45

RE: i cant find the camera icon on my laptop to take picture its an advent eclipse E300 red how can i us

The webcam will only work with software that specifically uses it such as skype or MSN unless Advent has included a video programme for you to use.

19 Aug @ 00:20

RE: I have a macbook and was wondering if I can hook it up to my telly in order to watch movies and list

You can buy an adaptor for the micro slot on the left hand side that will allow you to plug in a HDMI cable to your TV. Please note though that if your Mac is earlier than mid-2010 then you will not get audio through the HDMI lead and you'll have to find another solution for that.

13 Aug @ 10:56

RE: I have a acer netbook and the wifi signal keeps dipping in and out even when it says the strength is

Change the router for a start… Netgear, Belkin and D-Link are the 3 best brands. Does the Siemens router have an external aerial? Netbooks aren't well know for wifi reception due to the smaller aerials that are fitted in to them.

11 Aug @ 13:25
13 Jul @ 07:44

RE: multimedia audio controller

Tell us the manufacturer and model of the motherboard and we should be able to help you.

13 Jul @ 07:44

RE: upgrading wireless drivers

Copy and paste this URL: It will detect any Intel drivers and tell you if updates are available.

8 Jul @ 10:00

RE: Corrupt files, no file opens no image opens

jpeg files are notorious for remaining corrupt, even after being recovered. Put this one down to experience and always have a verifiable backup of your valuable stuff.

7 Jul @ 15:07
6 Jun @ 21:24

RE: Scanning Problem

You will need to buy OCR software to do what you want.

2 Jun @ 19:49

RE: dongle,best frree anti virus

The software on the 3g dongle is hard-wired (ie read only) so cannot be written to.

23 May @ 21:56

RE: dongle,best frree anti virus

The best (technically) free AV's are Avira and AVAST. Steer clear of AVG. No, a virus can not infect your 3g dongle.

23 May @ 18:15

RE: my3 account

Kenneth - have you tried reading the manual yet? Please do NOT tack your questions on to the end of other subjects - your question doesn't relate to any of the previous posters so why do it? If you want to ask a question then start a new one. It's quite simple really.

19 May @ 18:27

RE: plugged in laptop to charge battery and it started smoking from dc port, laptop now does not work at

It could be a charger fault, a power board fault, a motherboard fault or even a battery fault. There is absolutely NO way of telling without examining it.

18 May @ 21:07

RE: Blue screen error 0x000000f4

The IP address for Nitisha shows he is in India… Nitisha - this is a forum for UK users. Sorry but we can't really help you anymore.

16 May @ 05:51

RE: Problem with scanning

If it is a Canon then it will be set to autodetect the area(s) to be scanned hence the multiple sections. What does your manual say?

11 May @ 07:12

RE: Acer Aspire One

This is probably not the reason or cure but I have seen PC's (Mac and Linux) where there is no internet connectivity and yet Skype continues to work. The fault for this is DNS. The laptop connects to the router and gets its DNS from there whereas Skype doesn't use the routers DNS to connect to the Skype server therefore no internet browsing AND Skype working. When you say that the laptop is connecting to your home network okay what IP address is it getting from your router? Can you open up a terminal, type ifconfig and post the results back here please.

9 May @ 07:46

RE: 3 connect dongle

Speak to "3" - they are your provider.

7 May @ 14:13

RE: i installed service pack on win home premium and after the download the laptop was saying shutting d

Error 711: Cannot load Remote Access Service Connection Manager will only concern you if you need to create new network connection. Try th epossible solution posted at #9 and #10 here: Do you have the original Windows 7 installation DVD?

29 Apr @ 22:37

RE: i installed service pack on win home premium and after the download the laptop was saying shutting d

Michael - Have you ever heard of full stops and capital letters? They make forum posts MUCH easier for us to read… Installing SP1 removes all previous restore points so all we can suggest is going into add / remove programs and see if SP1 is still listed in there. If it is then uninstall it. At some point you WILL need to reinstall SP1 so better do try again as soon as possible.

29 Apr @ 19:35

RE: blank sony vaio vgn-nr21j/s

What version of Windows? ARE you running Windows or Linux? Have you tried it in safe mode? Do you get past the point of logging in (if enabled)? We need far more information than you have given us.

29 Apr @ 17:53

RE: i installed service pack on win home premium and after the download the laptop was saying shutting d

Try manually downloading the service pack and reinstall it. Which version of Windows are you using?

29 Apr @ 17:50

RE: netgear router cannot find ADSL signal

CM - Bugger off. This post is over a year old now and you've done nothing but drag it back up.

26 Apr @ 17:46

RE: i try to connect my messanger and try to up date my files but it keeps not doing i have just put pou

Judging by your IP address you are using a 3-mobile dongle. If your problem is with 3 or the dongle then CONTACT THEM. We are NOT 3 nor are we their technical support.

23 Apr @ 21:14

RE: i try to connect my messanger and try to up date my files but it keeps not doing i have just put pou

What on earth are you talking about Albert? What messenger? What files to be updated? What have you paid for? We are not psychic and need far more information than you have given us.

23 Apr @ 20:56

RE: Upgrade not working

Have you spoken to the dongle company?

23 Apr @ 13:14

RE: No Audio Device - Sound Card Problems - Help Please!

You may have downloaded SP 1, 2 and 3 but have you installed them? HP's website is the only place you should be looking for any missing drivers. However, if the worst comes to the worst try this:

22 Apr @ 08:42
21 Apr @ 22:15

RE: Problem with my 3 Dongle

Tina - Speak to 3. They are the people you should be asking about this, not us.

18 Apr @ 12:51

RE: i have a t=mobile dongle and for some reason when i plug it in it does not flash no no and will not

Kelly, can you please use punctuation so that we can read and understand what you're saying. Have you tried the dongle in another computer? Have you spoken to TMobile?

16 Apr @ 18:51

RE: Optical Disk DVD rewriter Drive missing

First of all Linda, stop putting exclamation marks (!) at the end of every sentence. It makes what you are telling us difficult to read and is just plain stupid. Follow these instructions and tell us how you get on.

14 Apr @ 18:09

RE: Acer 5630 won't!

Ah, my rant to Asif failed… Oh well.

13 Apr @ 22:19

RE: Acer 5630 won't!

˙˙˙uı pǝʇsǝɹǝʇuı ʍou sı ǝuo ou ɥɔıɥʍ pɐǝɹɥʇ plo uɐ ǝʌɐɥ ǝʍ ʍoN ¿noʎ ʇ,upıp uı ǝsou ɹnoʎ ʞɔıʇs puɐ ƃuolɐ ǝɯoɔ oʇ pɐɥ noʎ ʇnq plo sɥʇuoɯ 9 ʎlɹɐǝu sı pɐǝɹɥʇ sıɥ┴ ˙dlǝɥ ʇ,usǝop sıɥʇ 'ɟıs∀ oN

13 Apr @ 22:19

RE: Laptop 5611 problems login on to my computer with guest account user name and password.

You will need to pay for an engineer to come out and fix it for you. We will not tell you over an open forum.

10 Apr @ 14:16

RE: virus problems

While rubycox is correct, what the hell is he blethering on about?

5 Apr @ 18:31

RE: Malicious e-mail

PS Those two links are for Canadian Healthcare (viagra etc) - nothing to do with porn emails at all. What he DOES need to do is download and run combofix and then hitman pro to clear any malware on his computer. It sounds as if his machine may be part of a spam botnet.

1 Apr @ 20:00

RE: Malicious e-mail

Those are not email addresses, they are websites. He obviously clicked on the link inside the email and as a result of it his email address has been confirmed as "active" hence all of the spam he is now getting. There is NOTHING he can do about it...

1 Apr @ 19:56

RE: crash

Yes it can. If the graphics chip is overheating then you will need it professionally repaired otherwise you run the risk of making things even worse.

16 Mar @ 11:45

RE: packard bell imedia x2416

It sounds as if the blue screen and your other problems are NOT related. Why did you strip down the innards of the PC when all you had was a blue screen error?

16 Mar @ 10:12

RE: chip level repair and fix training course

Santosh, We are not a career directory. If you want to find out that sort of information you will need to contact your local FE colleges.

11 Mar @ 11:43

RE: Apple cinema Display cable connector

We're PC experts, not Apple internal ELECTRONIC experts. Speak to Apple or you could try VIS (

6 Mar @ 15:14

RE: not seeing my network

What internet security software are you using?

4 Mar @ 10:43

RE: Fail to boot

Maplin are usually very good for this sort of stuff... Did you install any software that came with the card? If so then try starting the computer up in safe mode, uninstall the software and reboot the computer.

28 Feb @ 20:19

RE: Bookmarks

Bookmarks are stored on your web browser (IE, Firefox etc), not on a website like google.

22 Feb @ 14:29

RE: Address books

Rocketmail is supplied by Yahoo so try that option.

21 Feb @ 16:12

RE: computer turns off when i remove the mains lead.

Try repeating that in proper English and we may be able to understand you.... BUT I think what you're saying is the laptop doesn't work without the mains lead plugged in? If so then the battery is faulty. Replace it.

19 Feb @ 12:34

RE: pc cuts out resets

Probably the motherboard and/or the processor overheating. Open it up, clean out all the dust, reseat the processor and fan and let us know the results.

18 Feb @ 17:06

RE: my computer wont reboot to factory default and windows will not load so i cant get on to the compute

If you want a quote for repair then you will have to place a call through the system.

18 Feb @ 07:58
12 Feb @ 07:49

RE: Acer hardware problem

Hardware fault. It will cost you money to fix it.

11 Feb @ 21:12

RE: 3 Dongle problem

John W - What are you talking about? The 3 dongles don't need a micro memory card. you're thinking about a SIM card….

9 Feb @ 07:23

RE: Updating software on Macbook Air (2008)

If its an OSX update that is failing then try downloading the combined update from Apples website and installing it manually.

7 Feb @ 17:15

RE: Real Time Clock not working

Philip - How do you know the RTC has stopped working? If it is the battery as you think then why are you trying to get into the BIOS to record its information? I suspect that you don't actually know what your doing so why not pay up and get someone professional to fix it for you.

4 Feb @ 16:01


Terry, I'm sure if you had simply typed in "postcard from hallmark" then you would have found the answer easily. If your friend had done the same then he/she would have not caused you this problem…!

4 Feb @ 10:12

RE: Cannot connect to internet

On your mac go into applications / utilities and open "keychain access". Search for your wireless name and delete it. Try to reconnect to your wireless network.

4 Feb @ 01:38

RE: Accelerator core

Pardon Rasim???? Try giving us more information and we MAY tell you how to fix it yourself.

27 Jan @ 18:00

RE: mac magazines

Here's something that is even better than a Mac magazine - and you already have them on your Mac. Open Finder, Go to your hard drive (probably called Macintosh HDD), then "User Guide and Information". There are 6 documents in there and amongst them are "Welcome to Snow Leopard" and "Macbook User Guide". Those two documents will teach you just as much as any magazine. Enjoy!

26 Jan @ 22:29


And you're in the States. This forum is for UK residents.

18 Jan @ 20:25

RE: Removal of Automatic Save to Draft of Written Messages - Mac OS Leopard

This is a bug in the latest version of OSX (Snow Leopard, 10.6)

14 Jan @ 16:59

RE: Removal of Automatic Save to Draft of Written Messages - Mac OS Leopard

It will stay in drafts until you send it. That is how all email programmes work. UNLESS you have the same occasional problem as I do on my Mac - I compose an email and send it BUT there is still a copy in the drafts folder. In this case I simply delete the copy that is in the drafts folder.

14 Jan @ 16:00

RE: Orange wifi on Packard Bell ?

Faulty network card...

13 Jan @ 15:53

RE: Inability to transfer photos

I have a vague memory of having come across this problem before…. Colin - Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Kodak software?

4 Jan @ 21:55

RE: Inability to transfer photos

What has changed since you last successfully did this?

2 Jan @ 21:13

RE: had windows for months every thing ok until a couple of weeks ago i was unable to connect to interne

What was the notice? What version of Windows? How do you connect to the internet? We need a lot more information...

28 Dec @ 19:23

RE: 3connect huawei modem replacement dongle.

Contact 3 - we are not 3 technical support.

27 Dec @ 15:12

RE: iMac Start Uo

Blinkning file symbol means that the start up files are either missing or corrupt. You need to restart from the disks that came with the Mac (Insert the DVD into the Mac and press and hold down the C key while switching the MAc on) and run disk utility. If that fails to repair the start-up problems then reinstall OSX over itself. You 'shouldnt' lose any of your data… Failing that, get a PCIQ engineer to come and pay you a visit.

25 Dec @ 20:25
16 Dec @ 19:06

RE: Trouble upgrading or deleting Windows messenger

Download and install Windows Live Essentials 2011

16 Dec @ 07:48

RE: White screen after Install Epson printer

This is a support forum for UK only. Not Spain.

15 Dec @ 21:36

RE: dongle

Contact your telephone company about this. We are not their technical support.

15 Dec @ 21:35

RE: Audio and Video drivers for Time desktop pc 24016CM99G4141014

If you don't know what your doing then don't touch it…. BUT, as it's now broken, have you had a look on the manufacturers website or on Asrock's website? Find the motherboard model number and go here:

13 Dec @ 23:00

RE: netgear router cannot find ADSL signal

"….upgrading the ADSL signal.." Richard H, Whoever told you this little gem needs to be shot for misinformation and getting you to fall for his /her windup.

13 Dec @ 10:35

RE: No sound device on my laptop

Did you look at Time's website?

11 Dec @ 22:40

RE: iMac g5 24

Have you tried replacing the fuse in the mains plug?

8 Dec @ 22:25

RE: iMac g5 24

No user-servicable parts inside. 240v There is no reset switch / button inside computers.

8 Dec @ 22:24

RE: update of video/sound links They certainly don't look graphics-intensive. Pamela - what is the operating system on your computer? XP, Vista or Windows 7? What model of graphics card do you have inside your computer? Do you know how to change the current settings of the graphics card?

24 Nov @ 23:21

RE: Facebook not loading properly

Jackie: How do you connect to the internet?

24 Nov @ 06:29

RE: software for an Apple mac to open MTS files(AVCHD)

iMovie '09 or '11 is able to import and play AVCHD movies

24 Nov @ 06:27

RE: update of video/sound links

What do you mean by sound / video links? Do you mean the drivers?

23 Nov @ 17:46

RE: Mac book not starting up

Jon is right. The gray folder means that the computer cannot find the operating system. Causes can be a dead / dying hard drive or the operating system files are corrupt. You can try to boot from the installation DVD that came with the computer and try to reinstall the operating system. You "shouldn't" lose anything but don't quote me on that.

22 Nov @ 18:18

RE: e 3103

What you need to do Chris is plug the external monitor in and use the Fn+F4 key combination to switch between internal and external display. Jon - You're a mine of information!

22 Nov @ 08:04

RE: all i wish to know is how to dismantle it to replace a on/off switch board.thank youjonh

If you read your first post you will find that you did NOT tell us what it was. What are the symptoms your pc has? Why do you think it is the switch?

21 Nov @ 21:00

RE: Acer 5630 won't!

Colin M - I have no idea who you sent it to but we are NOT Acer.

21 Nov @ 16:33
21 Nov @ 10:36

RE: Computer freezes when installing wireless router

Katie: Please start a new topic then we can help you better.

20 Nov @ 14:18

RE: acer x3200 motherboard problems

You would have run the risk of blowing the BIOS chip which would have screwed the motherboard up completely.

19 Nov @ 18:34

RE: acer x3200 motherboard problems

It's all academic now. The PC is pretty well stuffed and getting it working again through this forum will be highly unlikely. You'll need to get someone to fix it for you. Just a thought - you did put the BIOS battery back in correctly?

19 Nov @ 14:30

RE: acer x3200 motherboard problems

So the problem is / was with the hard drive. Simples! I can't remember the last time I had to go into the BIOS to reset / change...

19 Nov @ 14:25

RE: acer x3200 motherboard problems

Let this be a lesson to you Martin - If you don't know what your doing then don't do it. You are now in the position where you will have to pay a professional to fix it for your friend.

19 Nov @ 10:50

RE: acer x3200 motherboard problems

Either blown power supply or blown motherboard. Replace the power supply - its the cheaper place to start.

18 Nov @ 23:12

RE: Documents file emptied!

Dianne, Whatever you do, DO NOT use your Mac. The more you use it the less chance of recovering the lost data.

15 Nov @ 18:32

RE: Mac G5

Agree with Jon. Sounds like a thermal problem and will be completely unrelated to the extra RAM you have installed.

13 Nov @ 23:28

RE: Dillema

Please translate into english Diane...

12 Nov @ 15:07

RE: avg

Cheryl, You can also try this AVG tool before trying to uninstall: This will reset the registry permissions for AVG keys.

10 Nov @ 12:01

RE: 3 dongle is loading some sites or part of sites & not others

How good a signal do you have with 3? If its loading only parts of websites then I would suspect a weak signal. OR…. there is a flash or ad blocker on your computer.

10 Nov @ 09:33

RE: avg

You can download the AVG removal tool here: Make sure you choose the correct version for your computer (32-bit or 64-bit).

10 Nov @ 09:30

RE: I lost my Macbook on the floor and now the screen is broken.

Ah ha, I see your at Uni of Strathclyde. Just 40 miles away… ;-)

9 Nov @ 22:12

RE: I lost my Macbook on the floor and now the screen is broken.

Marte, this may be a really silly question but have you tried the brightness controls (F1 and F2 keys)? I genuinely had a customer this evening who told me that her Mac laptop screen had gone. 30 seconds after looking at it the screen was back to normal!

9 Nov @ 22:11

RE: I lost my Macbook on the floor and now the screen is broken.

How old is the laptop and just how messy is your floor?!

8 Nov @ 20:07
7 Nov @ 19:07

RE: 3 Dongle problem

Please start a new thread about your viruses. The 3 dongle has NOTHING to do with the viruses.

6 Nov @ 23:16

RE: not able to get on internet with dongle

Please don't double post your questions.

6 Nov @ 21:22
6 Nov @ 21:21

RE: reseting

You can delete all the software you want but with 256MB RAM the machine will NEVER be fast. Remove your startup entries and add more, a lot more, RAM to the machine. Or consider buying a new PC.

3 Nov @ 22:44

RE: I cant get my girlfriends t-mobile internet dongle to work on my laptop

If you don't know much about computers then most of our answers will baffle you. Best to arrange for an engineer to come and visit you.

3 Nov @ 22:42

RE: my 3 connect dongle does not work any more

If it says there's no service then its pretty obvious - you have no 3 phone signal….. Move house will fix it.

15 Jun @ 21:42

RE: Celeron processors

Capability v's speed can be summed up (for those who remember) simply - 6502 processor v's x86 processor. The 6502 was faster and had less instructions but you couldn't do a proper comparison because they were two different architectures. Same same can be said of Apple computer (pre Intel) v's Windows PC's And the same can be said about Celeron v's twin core processors. All of the above are like comparing chalk and cheese. Just my 2 cents worth :-)

14 Apr @ 00:15

RE: Amilo li1705 freezes/reboots

I'll vote for a crack in the motherboard at the corner where it can be touched to crash it. The other crashes are due to the board expanding when heating up and breaking / shorting circuits. You need a new motherboard in the laptop.

30 Mar @ 20:56


And that your flash player is up to date.

27 Mar @ 22:04

RE: My parents computer randomly turns itself off

If its a software issue then PROBABLY yes, otherwise no. When the computer is switched on how long is it till the first crash, then the second crash and then the third crash? Does the time interval get shorter between crashes?

25 Mar @ 22:42

RE: My parents computer randomly turns itself off

Could be overheating, random software crashes or a piece of hardware getting ready to die. Time to get a pro in to look at it.

25 Mar @ 21:25

RE: Start up

Is there anything in the system logs? If you don't know what/where these logs are then you need to get someone in to look at it….

25 Mar @ 21:24

RE: A memory writing error when Windows XP shutdown

Well, repairing winsock will have nothing to do with Windows not being able to write to memory. It should not be asking you for the installation disk either which makes me wonder what programme your using to repair winsock? If you want to repair winsock then use this programme: Use this programme to ensure that ALL of AVG has been removed:

20 Mar @ 18:09

RE: picture card

Ignore that, yes it does. I have to ask though, why didn't you simply read the manual or try an xD card to find out yourself? Google is your friend…..

18 Mar @ 19:07

RE: picture card

Flash memory card only...

18 Mar @ 19:06

RE: lap top freezes

This is a support forum for UK residents. You are in Macedonia.

15 Mar @ 21:48

RE: apple mac power book G4 leopard

What happens when you press the eject button (on the keyboard)?

15 Mar @ 18:09

RE: after a few seconds of display a page i will be viewing closes

More information required…… Operating system? Browser type?

15 Mar @ 18:09

RE: System freezes using internet with 3 broadband dongle

And try uninstalling, reboot and reinstalling the 3G software.

14 Mar @ 13:07

RE: Sound cutting out on WMP

Is this repeatable? ie does it happen every 10 mins (or however often) or randomly? Does it happen with quicktime or realplayer?

7 Mar @ 21:11

RE: Siemens Se587 Wlan DSL routor cannot do port forwarding

For those who are having similar problems this website should help:

7 Mar @ 14:16

RE: Drivers for Time computers

Jon: As usual you are a wonderful mine of information - you put the rest of us to shame :-)

1 Mar @ 08:42

RE: My laptop: Compaq/presario C300My laptop has been bugged last year and my nephew set up avira?anti

What you can try is this: On another computer, download a programme called combofix and burn it to CD. Start your own computer in safe mode. Put the CD in and run combofix. Once its finished then reboot your computer and remove Avira and replace it with Avast antivirus and set it to schedule a boot scan. Once you've done all of the above then let us know what's happening.

25 Feb @ 23:57

RE: My laptop: Compaq/presario C300My laptop has been bugged last year and my nephew set up avira?anti

So you have a virus-ridden computer with an illegal copy of Windows and a potentially failing hard drive? Time to call in a professional.

25 Feb @ 21:45

RE: Wireless connection to laptop

Kate, you may want to try the following: Change the wireless name of the BT hub and the channel too. I have seen Mac's with intermittent wireless problems that have been cured by doing the above.

25 Feb @ 13:36

RE: freezing/crashing

Or it could be some software you installed thats causing the crashing. Can you start it up in safe mode and tell us if the crashes continue?

24 Feb @ 23:34

RE: IBM Lenovo T60 Client Security Solution passphrase

And I'll just add….. UNENCRYPTED backups!

21 Feb @ 21:07

RE: power supply in back of laptop will not hold charge. It is not the battery as I have tried a new one

Power supplies don't hold charge - its the battery that holds the charge. Tell us EXACTLY what happens... Does the power supply 'brick' have a green light on it? If not have you tried the laptop with another power supply?

20 Feb @ 21:55

RE: Microsoft Outlook 2007

Ah ha, I spot the problem.... You have obviously upgraded your Outlook from an earlier version and the pst file hasn't been upgraded with it. Your PST is at the magic 2GB limit - it's maximum size. You will need to create a new PST (2007 format) through Outlook (File - New - Personal Folder) and then manually copy ALL of your email over to it. It's a pain to do but at least it will work for you.

19 Feb @ 11:22

RE: My Live mail account in windows 7 refuses to recognise my password since I removed the account and t

I suspect the OP has a or hotmail account. Am I correct Roger?

18 Feb @ 23:02

RE: Microsoft Outlook 2007

As Seth asked, what antivirus have you got installed? How big is your pst file? Is the pst file one that was created with Outlook 2007 or was it created with an earlier version?

18 Feb @ 19:07

RE: Microsoft Outlook 2007

Try compacting the pst file.

18 Feb @ 17:15

RE: Using Epson printer on Windows 7

You will need to update the driver for it through Windows Update. Right click "Computer" and choose "manage", choose "devices" (or similar wording", right click on the "USB printer" and select "update driver".

18 Feb @ 12:34

RE: DVD- RW Drive

Hi Jillian, Does the drawer open when you try to insert a disk. Does it recognise normal DVD's (ie films)? Does it recognise CD's?

17 Feb @ 17:35

RE: New computer wont let me make recovery disks!

For your information Rog, you have a 2 year warranty from John Lewis. It doesn't matter if the machine is ex display or not.

10 Feb @ 19:29

RE: changing server

Frank, yes you will but you will have to use it through your web browser.

6 Feb @ 08:14

RE: crystal eye web cam

Vicki, this is a support forum for the UK. Your IP is from the US, from Monroe, using Charter Communications.

24 Jan @ 21:33

RE: Safari connection

Try following the instructions for using disk utility here: Let us know the result.

10 Jan @ 17:14

RE: Safari connection

Do the other programmes work (iphoto, itunes etc)?

10 Jan @ 09:44

RE: help cant get off logging off

Have you tried my suggestion Linda?

6 Jan @ 20:47

RE: help cant get off logging off

Press and hold down the power but for at least 5 seconds then switch it back on.

6 Jan @ 20:45

RE: Windows will not work at all so have come across something called

What version of operating system? But you know enough to use splashtop and Express Gate?? I suspect this could become a long conversation so I suggest you simply arrange through this website to get an engineer to come and fix it for you.

18 Nov @ 20:48

RE: bios update

Its a problem with your USB port drivers. Unplug everything from the USB ports and see if the computer works normally.

18 Nov @ 19:57

RE: Windows will not work at all so have come across something called

You will need to give us more information about why Windows isnt working. None of us are mind readers....

18 Nov @ 19:55

RE: Can't log on

Almost certainly a malware attack. Unless you have knowledge of getting into the system in other ways I suggest you arrange to get a professional to fix it for you.

18 Nov @ 19:53

RE: Use of laptop abroad

The power supply will be universal voltage so you have nothing to worry about. On the adaptor 'brink' look for something along the lines of 'AC 100-240volts'

18 Nov @ 19:51

RE: deleted a file that helps to connect to the internet

It sounds as if the drivers aren't compatible with your version of Windows. Go to Orange's and 3's website's and download the latest version and let us know if that fixes the problem.

16 Nov @ 22:14

RE: Desperate help needed with Acer!!

And be more careful next time!!!

14 Nov @ 22:33

RE: The screen on my laptop has gone grey with blotches. Have tried Fn +F6 which just changed the colou

It's more than likely the screen has gone. Time to think about getting the screen replaced though you will find that most IT bods will not do screen repairs because they cost so much.

9 Nov @ 22:20

RE: can't connect wirelessly

I notice there is no IPv4 ip address, only IPv6. Is IPv4 ticked in the network properties page?

8 Nov @ 08:05

RE: help please quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which programme are you talking about?

1 Nov @ 20:52

RE: computer won't turn on

It sounds as if the motherboard has gone. Your photos etc should be safe but you'll need to get a Professional out to rescue them for you.

23 Oct @ 11:52

RE: Can a non wifi printer be converted to wifi

Your IP shows that you are from Serbia. These forums are intended for UK users only.

23 Oct @ 11:11

RE: power cord mac book

It's the cord thats faulty.

22 Oct @ 08:32

RE: 3 Dongle problem

You've broken the crystal ball again Robin, haven't you?!

13 Oct @ 16:26


pop and smtp are both You will also need to turn on smtp authentication as well

5 Oct @ 17:06

RE: motherboard crashed quote given approx �200model acer AS5520 TL603G

What was the original problem that you had with the laptop?

30 Sep @ 17:40

RE: dead laptop

Andy H - why drag up a post that is over 3 months old?

29 Sep @ 17:07

RE: format

There should never be a reason to format a hard drive just because it's running slow. Get a professional to look at it and save yourself the grief of losing everything.

29 Sep @ 17:06

RE: motherboard crashed quote given approx �200model acer AS5520 TL603G

A motherboard can't crash - it's solid state electonics. A hard drive can crash. Is that what you meant? If not then we need far more information that you have given us.

29 Sep @ 17:02

RE: new mouse problem

If the several new mice don't work on your laptop then I would suspect the laptop is at fault rather than the mice. Have you tried them on a different computer? If they work on it but not your laptop then it is the laptop at fault.

27 Sep @ 12:57

RE: ntldr is missing

The PXE-E61 message means that the laptop is trying to boot from a network image. Change the boot order within the BIOS and start again. Obviously, if you're having to post here to get help with something that could easily be answered using Google then your friend hasn't chosen the right person to do something vaguely technical to her laptop. Give it back to her and let her choose someone who knows what they're doing.

26 Sep @ 17:57

RE: router cable

After I posted it I realised that I should have said an RJ11 cable....!

23 Sep @ 21:05

RE: router cable

A telephone cable....

23 Sep @ 19:51

RE: I need to be able to open a packard bell hard drive, which i believe needs a emi stringer to open it

Effectively what you're doing is putting the hard drive into a new PC and the Windows licence only covers one PC which is why it is telling you to reregister (ie buy a new licence). If all you want to do is access the files to recover some stuff then why not consider an external USB hard drive case and plug the drive into that? Ignore completely what the Packard Bell guy said - he's leading you on a string(er)!

21 Sep @ 17:51

RE: cant get my bookmarks

Peter - we need a lot more information from you. Your sentence is no use at all to us.

19 Sep @ 13:21

RE: ibook. oxx/ - general problem. password, personal data''s unable to change. date, time are wrong.

Makiko, please use proper English so that we can understand you and use properly constructed sentences.

18 Sep @ 23:50

RE: too small printing

Set the page size to A4 if you are using normal sized printer paper.

16 Sep @ 18:10

RE: Error 1309

try cleaning the CD... GENTLY......

15 Sep @ 18:55

RE: Fujitsu Siemens VDU

Probably the monitor is faulty given the fact that you refer to it as a VDU!

11 Sep @ 15:31

RE: Macbook battery

Come on people, this question was asked 6 MONTHS AGO.

8 Sep @ 17:47

RE: Facebook not loading properly

Update you Flash Player for the browsers.

5 Sep @ 10:37

RE: 3 Dongle problem

3 have no updated software on their website so go with Alan's idea and try a system restore. Without actually sitting in front of the PC there is only so much we can do / suggest.

5 Sep @ 00:10

RE: 3 Dongle problem

Never listen to friends of friends. They are dangerous! Are you using the original software that came with the dongle? What is the model number of the dongle?

4 Sep @ 16:44

RE: help

Windows Explorer is nothing to do with the internet... Do you mean Internet Explorer? And please, help save us from confusion, and type in PROPER English so that we can understand you.

4 Sep @ 15:58

RE: 3 Dongle problem

Mmm.... What happened between last week and working and not working? Have you tried the dongle in another computer?

4 Sep @ 15:56

RE: 3 Dongle problem

Siobhan, have you tried plugging it into a different USB port and see if it works?

4 Sep @ 14:46

RE: Laptop intermittently switches off Vaio TX1

Almost certainly an over-heat problem. It could be the processor or one of the other chips on the motherboard. Why now? Simple, its 4 years old...

3 Sep @ 19:29

RE: unwanted emails

Which email client are you using?

2 Sep @ 22:30

RE: error messages

Have you checked your computer for viruses?

2 Sep @ 21:11

RE: I use outlook express and I am unable to get into my emails.It asks for a password and user name whi

You will have to get in touch with whoever provides your email and ask them.

2 Sep @ 21:11

RE: Windows will not start

Yes, you will need the original operating system CD that came with your computer. You need to reinstall the OS

2 Sep @ 21:11

RE: unwanted emails

Does she have an account setup in your email programme? If so then delete it.

2 Sep @ 21:10
2 Sep @ 14:16

RE: Sony Vaio VGC-LT10E Shuts Off Randomly

If you have to wiggle it about then I'd guess at a dry solder joint on the motherboard.

2 Sep @ 13:31

RE: Nothing seems to be broken. I used my laptop last night it was OK. Got up this morning and find that

Dodgy video cable or connector within the laptop. You will need a professional to repair it.

31 Aug @ 12:02

RE: My computer shuts downs a few seconds after hitting the power button.

Almost certainly a thermal problem. Is the processor fan working?

28 Aug @ 17:45

RE: WindowsVista Media Player CD Drive.

In device manager try right-clicking on the DVD drive, choose uninstall and restart your PC. Vista should find it again when it reboots and reinstall the driver. Does that make any difference?

26 Aug @ 22:24

RE: i am trying to get free nero. so i put my granson on disk . can you help please . i am on vista

Do a google search for 'free nero' and you will find the link to it there. Or here: Did you look for it?

20 Aug @ 12:54

RE: internet problem

scan your computer for viruses and spyware first. This will no doubt be the cause.

18 Aug @ 18:45

RE: Sudden appearance of boxes and speech

You've turned on the disability access functions. Go into the system preferences and then into 'Universal access' and turn everything off

18 Aug @ 13:56

RE: Computer turning itself off

More than likely a thermal overload on the processor or motherboard, especially if it was as dusty as you hint at. If so then you are looking at having to replace motherboard, processor, processor fan and RAM chips unless you can find an identical board for sale somewhere.

18 Aug @ 11:48

RE: continuous error message popping up

And what is the software called?

17 Aug @ 08:55

RE: Computer want boot up to start

Files 'should' be recoverable. Fixing - is this an XP or Vista computer?

14 Aug @ 12:50

RE: everythings working apart from the colour on my screen its black and white so cant see any colours w

Or spelling... What version of Windows are you running? XP? Vista? What?

13 Aug @ 13:16

RE: Network Settings

It was the 3 Connect software that changed your network settings. You will have to go into the network location and delete the 3 Connect connection.

13 Aug @ 13:15

RE: watching movies

Get rid of your viruses then and let us know the results.

9 Aug @ 18:18

RE: wireless query

Come on guys! Nigel asks a questions and then you all go of onto a discussion that wanders away from the original question. Nigel, are you still reading this?

3 Aug @ 10:21

RE: Hi. iMac G5 fan running constantly. Checked the Activity Monitor and it''s at 100%. Is this a prob

Keith - out of curiosity what are the top running process? It's not kext by any chance?

14 Jul @ 14:17
14 Jul @ 11:30

RE: When I turn on my Laptop it asks me for a Password.I do not recall making one (have not been able

Ah Vista... You WILL need to get a professional to reset the password for you.

16 Jun @ 13:02

RE: Desktop shortcut

Create a second account on your computer, log into it and find the location of the 'Show Desktop' icon (right-click and choose Properties to get it). Open My Computer, navigate to the location shown and copy it from there to the root of your C drive. Log back in as yourself and when you then click on the "Show Desktop" icon point it to where you copied the file to.

15 Jun @ 12:43

RE: support

You will need specialist software to change the password. Get a professional in to do it for you.

9 Jun @ 15:34

RE: sony vaio

Realign a hard drive????

30 May @ 13:09

RE: I connected my printer using Ethernet ip and the Mac Pc prints however when I connect to the interne

You will have to connect the printer to your Mac via USB to get both working simultaneously.

28 May @ 13:41

RE: I connected my printer using Ethernet ip and the Mac Pc prints however when I connect to the interne

Hi Jon, It's a Mac and I suspect he means a router rather than a switch. That particular model of printer is capable of wireless printing which would be far easier than connecting by ethernet and wouldn't need to use a switch/router/whatever so he would be able to browse and print at the same time. Modem sharing doesn't exist with Mac's!

28 May @ 13:37

RE: I connected my printer using Ethernet ip and the Mac Pc prints however when I connect to the interne

The 3G dongle will grab the active network connection and that is why you cannot connect to the printer while you are browsing. If you connected to the internet through the switch then you would be able to use both at the same time.

28 May @ 13:23

RE: blank blue screen on display.i.e., no display as soon as i switch on the laptop

Eh? You say blank blue screen but then you say no display. Is the display blue or blank? Do you get ANY messages at all on the screen? Any noises? (beeps etc) Does the computer SOUND as if it is starting up normally?

28 May @ 12:52

RE: I connected my printer using Ethernet ip and the Mac Pc prints however when I connect to the interne

What is the make and model of your printer? If you are using a 3G dongle to connect to the internet then how is the printer connected to the computer? What sort of cable?

28 May @ 12:51

RE: annoying internet problems.

Download and run Combofix: PLEASE NOTE: This is dangerous software in the wrong hands so if you are not 100% certain about running it then please get a professional to do it - it has the potential to screw up your PC.

23 May @ 13:21

RE: annoying internet problems.

Download, install, update and then run Superantispyware from here: Once it has finished cleaning your PC let us know the results please and then if there are anymore issues we can go from there knowing that your PC is clean(er).

19 May @ 09:18

RE: printer

Sorry James but we need A LOT MORE INFORMATION from you before we can even hope to understand what it is you're asking. What is the printer folder message that you are getting? We need PRECISE messages...

12 May @ 22:13

RE: Piece of AUX cable plug in my headphones socket

Hi Sebastian, Your call came through on my account today. You will need to take it to Apple for repair unless you want to be charged in excess of £100... The earphone sockets are part of the main logic board and are not replacable without either: 1. Replacing the entire board (£400+) or 2. Some incredibly delicate soldering skills (and the very real risk of damaging the logic board).

30 Apr @ 13:34

RE: limited internet access

Out of curiosity what is the make and model of your broadband router? I had a customer with a TP Link router that could only browse Google pages and nothing else....

28 Apr @ 11:49

RE: my other laptop wont work(vista home premium)

If you don't have the installation disk then there is nothing for it but to place a call for a PCIQ engineer to come and repair your laptop.

24 Apr @ 14:21


Derek, its time to bite the bullet and get some professional help. Place a request for an engineer to come out and fix it for you.

18 Apr @ 19:52

RE: internet explorer

More information required before we can help you....

18 Apr @ 18:11

RE: I am trying to do a recovey usb disk drive for an acer notebook but evertime i try it comes up with

Shaun, What is the error? Please add punctuation to your messages too please so that we can understand what you are saying.

26 Mar @ 22:18

RE: Problem setting up HP Laserjet via Airport Express

Stephanie, The USB port SHOULD work with the Laserjet. When you were setting it up, did the HP software setup the IP printer port? (Printer / properties / port and have a look at the line with a tick in it)

25 Mar @ 16:27

RE: Have a MAC G4 not a powermac G4 the original half ball model. Lokking to upgrade to X10.3 but needed

Hi Chris, Resetting the PRAM will not affect the RAM issue. Did you use the Crucial scanner to tell you what type of RAM you had in it already? No firmware upgrade is required on this model for OS X

24 Mar @ 17:28

RE: Distiller won't launch

The probable cause is disk corruption... Kate - you should probably run disk utility and check your hard drive for corruption's and permission problems. Go to applications / utilities and you'll find 'Disk Utility' in there. Any problems then please let us know.

22 Mar @ 11:59

RE: Distiller won't launch

Hi Kate, Same as the Quark problem, have a look for the preference files in library/preferences folder. There should be at least 3 of them so this time don't delete them. Click on each file, press the enter button and rename each file. Do this one file at a time and then launch Distiller. If it starts up then you have found the corrupt file and you can then delete it. Jon - Busy moving house at the moment!

21 Mar @ 22:15

RE: Macbook battery

Hi Bethan, On the battery is a small button which, when pressed, tells you how much charge is in it. If you press it and there are no lights then it is either the battery or the charging circuit on the logic board. A new battery will be cheaper!

21 Mar @ 21:05

RE: Quark crashing

Kate, Have a look for the preference file for it. It should be located here: Open Finder and navigate to /yourusername/library/preferences folder and rename the preference file for Quark then restart it. Does it still bounce?

19 Mar @ 16:10
15 Mar @ 16:26

RE: formatting computer

Nigel, There is no need to format and restore simply because you have a virus. Make sure your antivirus is installed and up to date then scan your computer to get rid of it then... ... download and install superantispyware, update it and run a scan for spyware. After both of these your computer will be fine.

15 Mar @ 13:45
14 Mar @ 13:34

RE: hard drive got virus, replaced hard need windows xp recovery disc for E-SYSTEM P.C

David, why did you replace the hard drive if all that was wrong with it was a virus?

13 Mar @ 12:00

RE: Help please

Mark, As well as giving it a scan, if you go into the options / preferences in superantispyware there are system repair functions in there. Run the ones relating to desktop and system restore too. In fact, run 'em all! It can do no harm and will at least reset everything back to default values.

13 Mar @ 11:30

RE: Help please

This sounds an odd one. First thing to try would be a thorough check for viruses and spyware. Download and install superantispyware and run it. Once you've done that come back and let us know what it found (if anything)

12 Mar @ 23:57

RE: ip adress

Do you have Norton Internet Security installed?

12 Mar @ 23:10

RE: Ipod

Yes you can with one caveat. 1. You will have to enable disk mode through iTunes. 2. The photos will not be the same size or resolution as the originals. They are smaller and compressed so expect to lose some quality and size with them.

12 Mar @ 14:07

RE: pc keeps restarting and wont load windows

More than likely it is a corrupt hard drive (MBR or boot files) Unless you know what you're doing then its best to get a professional in to fix it for you.

11 Mar @ 11:10

RE: apple mac .unable to download programmes

Are you using Safari or Firefox? Is this a new problem or one that you've always had? When you click on a link to download something what happens?

10 Mar @ 17:48

RE: apple G5

It sounds like an overheat / sensor problem. Time to get an engineer in to have a look at it.

4 Mar @ 18:59

RE: emachine370 UK normally had crt monitor. Removed and now have dell lcd monitor resolution changed to bi

Or try updating the driver for the monitor but I'd be surprised is that was the issue.

4 Mar @ 13:17

RE: keyboard

It wont be the connecting lead. If it was then you would have more than just the full stop not working.

2 Mar @ 21:45

RE: email sent through my account

I've seen this with a Mac owner who had a hotmail account. Some one, somewhere simply went through eveery possibly combination of letters to guess their hotmail password and then once in, sent out a lot of spam offering 'cheap' chinese electrical goods. If your email address is msn or hotmail then this is what probably has been done. However, as Alan suggests, also check your PC for spyware.

1 Mar @ 23:43

RE: monitor upside down

As noted by Graham D this is an easy one to answer. An alternative is to hold down the <ALT GR> key and press any of the arrow keys.

27 Feb @ 23:57

RE: my USB holder has become lose and because of that i can not get connected to my internet and my lapt

Open the laptop, find the slack USB port, tighten it if possible, put laptop back together again.

25 Feb @ 16:30

RE: facebook webb site

Facebook is basically one huge flash app. Derek - Try reinstall flash and that should fix it.

22 Feb @ 18:30

RE: facebook webb site

Reinstall Adobe flash player...

22 Feb @ 16:52

RE: The screen froze up after I was checking the screen saver I had just put in.Had to close by emergency

Jon is right - remember though that a system restore will NOT replace any damaged photos / music etc and WILL NOT get rid of the spyware screensaver. For that you will need to download an antispyware program and scan your computer with it. It might be worthwhile doing a chkdsk to check / repair any errors on your hard drive as well.

18 Feb @ 23:48

RE: Tower

Blown fuse in the plug / Blown power supply / blown motherboard.

18 Feb @ 23:44

RE: Live Mail/IE8?

IE8 is still a beta product so simply uninstall it and hopefully that should cure your Live Mail problem. Forget about Reg Cure too. Uninstall it. The registry is simply too valuable to be messed about with. Mouse freezing - Try changing the power saving options in the Control Panel.

16 Feb @ 15:06
15 Feb @ 08:34

RE: have lost network on netgear because i pressed the restore factory setting button

You will need to go into the Netgear configuration page (open a web browser and type into the web address bar). You will need your broadband username and password too.

14 Feb @ 16:48
14 Feb @ 16:46

RE: no startup menu/toolbar/desktop

Your computer has been nobbled by scamware software. You will need professional help to get rid of it. Place a call on PCIQ for an engineer to visit you.

14 Feb @ 11:54

RE: Vista limited connectivity

Charlotte, try the instructions here: ... to disable your existing connection and then try to reconnect.

12 Feb @ 22:26

RE: Vista limited connectivity

Is your computer's internet connection wired or wireless? Have you tried resetting your broadband modem? (Pull out the power lead for 30 seconds, plug it back in and try to connect to the internet) Do you have firewall software such as Norton? If you do have Norton then try uninstalling it and then try to connect to the internet.

12 Feb @ 16:18

RE: spilt tea!

If it's tea then I would be VERY surprised if it will work. Tea will leave a residue on the circuit boards and if the tea had sugar in it then it will be even worse. The advice about drying it out only really applies when it is water that has been spilt. MA - You're probably looking at repair and/or replacement.

8 Feb @ 15:16

RE: netgear router cannot find ADSL signal

Well spotted Robin! Sarah - you cannot have more than one ADSL router on the same phone line.

5 Feb @ 10:53

RE: netgear router cannot find ADSL signal

Come on guys, keep it non-technical and the answers directed to the poster please. We're straying off-topic... :)

4 Feb @ 22:53

RE: netgear router cannot find ADSL signal

Sarah, Jon has some good suggestions there but can you try this please (you never know...) Open up your web browser and in the address bar put and press enter That will open the router configuration page and it will then ask you for a username and password. The defaults are admin and admin. Hopefully there will be a configuration wizard that you can use that will ask you for the encapsulation type (PPoA), username and password (supplied by Tiscali), I'm working from memory here but that should be all it asks you. Finish the wizard and then give it a minute or so to restart etc. Once it has done so then can you try the internet and let us know which lights are on on the front of the router and whether or not they are flashing or steady? Thank you :)

4 Feb @ 22:28

RE: netgear router cannot find ADSL signal

And make sure that it is set for VC-MUX and 0,38

4 Feb @ 21:22

RE: netgear router cannot find ADSL signal

Hi Sarah, Have you configured the router for PPoA or PPoE?

4 Feb @ 21:21

RE: Hi MR or Miss

Type in proper English please and then tell us what the problem is.

31 Jan @ 16:22

RE: start.up

Hi Ross, You don't need to put full stops in every space you can find... It sounds as if your hard drive has developed a serious fault and needs to be looked at. Arrange for a professional to have it checked out.

29 Jan @ 22:06

RE: Wireless for desktop

Having had experience of both wireless and mains wired, wireless will always be more practical and who cares what the data transfer speeds are? After all, most broadband speeds at less than 10M so at even at 108, 54, 36 or whatever there is spare capacity. As for setting wireless up on Linux - only with an up to date kernel and distro. And when Joe Bloggs goes to install his latest PC game they soon learn what compatibility means... Nik - USB dongles are absolutely fine. Netgear are the best known brand and are pretty reliable. Jon - Agree totally about MCSE's.

27 Jan @ 20:59

RE: Boot up error

Sounds like the RAM chips are loose.

26 Jan @ 14:35

RE: setting up a new machine

Jon: Or just a cheap 'n cheerful £20 graphics card :) Good luck Wayne.

26 Jan @ 11:51

RE: setting up a new machine

It could also be the video card that is faulty... When you switch the desktop on does it SOUND as if it is trying to boot up? Do you get the power light coming on?

25 Jan @ 22:26

RE: IE cannot display Web Page but firefox working fine

It sounds for all the world as if Norton, even when disabled, is blocking internet access to IE. Rob - Try uninstalling Norton rather than just disabling it and let us know what happens. I'm willing to place a wee bet on this one......!

22 Jan @ 00:01

RE: nowhere for discs

You need to buy an external USB CD unit

18 Jan @ 17:33

RE: Having problems with sage since amending vat to 15%. Now showing up numerous errors in disk doctor w

Hi Janice, The two errors are completely different and unrelated (as hard as it is to believe). For of all, you will need to correct any disk problems you have using Microsoft's built-in chkdsk program then it sounds as if the disk errors have corrupted your Sage software. Once the disk errors are corrected then you'll need to reinstall Sage again.

18 Jan @ 17:31

RE: windows installer and apptray

Use the original CD that came with your printer and when the Windows installer asks for the location of whatever file it is trying to install point it towards your CD drive.

16 Jan @ 00:27

RE: Having downloaded Norton via the internet. I cannot now access the internet as it comes up with HTTP

Victor - the "netsh firewall reset" only resets the WINDOWS FIREWALL and NOT Norton..... Oh, and Vista doesn't have the 'run' command enabled as default.

14 Jan @ 10:08

RE: Hotmail Virus

Is this the famous 'We sell top quality Chinese electrical goods' problem? If so your Hotmail account has been hacked - all you can do is change your password to something better.

11 Jan @ 20:42

RE: my acer aspire serial number LXAY50X06271304A511601 has it hard drive change and now the touchpad is

It could also be that the keyboard needed to be removed to replace the hard drive and the ribbon cable connecting it has not been reconnected properly. If that is the case, take it back to whoever did the HDD replacement and insist that they reconnect the touchpad for you free of charge.

10 Jan @ 23:34

RE: every time i sign on laptop i get an american anti virus thing for purchase coming up and i cant get

No it's not David. Rolling back does not get rid of the infection. I really wish people would learn just what a system restore ACTUALLY does....

9 Jan @ 16:45

RE: every time i sign on laptop i get an american anti virus thing for purchase coming up and i cant get

You've been nobbled by one of the many rogue software scams that are floating about and they are almost impossible to get rid off without professional help. Time to part with money and get someone in to do it.

8 Jan @ 18:23

RE: I left my desktop PC for around a year without use and now I want to install ubuntu onto it finding

Some BIOS's have an case open setting. Try disabling it (if it is there)

8 Jan @ 15:23

RE: msn

Just to add my 2 euro cents worth... As well as the AVG, download the free version of superantispyware and scan your computer with BOTH programmes

7 Jan @ 09:38

RE: start up page

Lee, what is the blurb? Exact wording please...

4 Jan @ 21:07

RE: RE:blue screen on mac

Do you see a magnifying glass icon on top right hand of the screen? If so the your fonts folder is corrupt. If not then there is a startup program causing the problem. As you cannot boot into safe mode (using the shift key) then there is little that you can do as a user. Time to seek professional help for either cause.

3 Jan @ 11:32

RE: Time 7321

Bin it. This is such an old spec'd laptop that it will cost you far more to repair than replace. Newer, more powerful laptops can be bought for less than the repair cost.

2 Jan @ 18:09

RE: I have accidentally deleted the downloads icon , bouncing up and down one, on the dock. I would

Hi Aileen, Open finder and go to your home folder (the one with the little house icon) and double click on it. When that folder opens you will find more folders and one will be called 'downloads' Click once on it, hold the mouse button down and drag the folder onto the dock. Problem solved!

2 Jan @ 16:07

RE: I have a sony vaio VGN FZ21E running Vista home premium and am trying to create a simple home networ

You need to enable file sharing on the mac. System Preferences / Sharing. Map a drive to the Vista machine for saving docs etc. Go to finder and press Option - K and look for the PC in the network.

30 Dec @ 00:20

RE: Error 403

Margaret - what was the free trial software you installed....

29 Dec @ 19:36

RE: Mac Pro with no power

If you've tried different power supplies and it still doesnt work then you are looking at a new logic board. For a Macbook Pro the cost is (minimum) £425.00 ex VAT

28 Dec @ 01:29

RE: Set up problem.Cant get the wirless mouse and keyboard working

Bob, On the keyboard, mouse and USB sender there will probably be a small button that you can press. Pressing it should connect the k/bd and mouse to the sender.

22 Dec @ 09:56

RE: acer

Gah, Robin took the words right out of my mouth... Ywo hard drive problems points to a problem with your laptop rather than with the drives.

16 Dec @ 12:54

RE: windows xp not booting

Now, how does Brijesh Patel know that the posters surname is also Patel???????? Where does ndis.sys come into the problem????? Same file name (sptd.sys) capitalised in both messages... I think this is a fake posting.

12 Dec @ 20:30

RE: advent 6411 web cam won't turn on

Is it this one Babs? Jon - it appears they have reused the model number.

11 Dec @ 16:20

RE: advent 6411 web cam won't turn on

From experience of other laptops, there shouldn't be any need to turn it on - start Skype and it should find and use it automatically.

11 Dec @ 14:59

RE: Logging on

You have a corrupt fonts folder within your home directory. You will need to connect your mac mini in target mode to another mac (or pc if it supports firewire) and delete the contents of the library/fonts folder. You can also log in as another user if you enable root access and then use the terminal application to delete the folder contents.

8 Dec @ 13:48

RE: will not go to homepage on start

Hi Carl, Go into the control panel, then internet options and change the home page to one that doesn't drive you crackers.

3 Dec @ 22:58

RE: Advent laptop

Given the length of this thread and the amount of information that Jon, Alan and Robin have supplied, maybe you should bite the bullet and get someone in to finish the job off for you? There is only so much information that can be passed on by a forum.

3 Dec @ 22:57

RE: camcorder

As far as I can see that model only has a composite video/audio output so you would need to buy an adaptor to convert it to USB or firewire before you could use it with your laptop.

3 Dec @ 01:00

RE: printer

From a reliability point of view, ease of use and backup, HP.

2 Dec @ 13:33

RE: laptop wont show bias flash screen or load up , tried f8and safe mode all that,

Sounds like the motherboard is gone. Best to replace the laptop

27 Nov @ 16:51

RE: Apple Mac log in problems

The problem is the fonts are corrupt in the users library folder. You will need to start the laptop up in target mode, delete the fonts folder and then reboot.

18 Nov @ 17:03

RE: my laptop is infected with the antivirus 2009 i cannot run malwarebytes at all and am unable to access a

Yep, agree with both Jon and Alan - It's time to pay for some professional help.

16 Nov @ 10:04

RE: my laptop is infected with the antivirus 2009 i cannot run malwarebytes at all and am unable to access a

Follow the instructions here: and then run malwarebytes. Good luck!

16 Nov @ 00:13

RE: HARDWARE SYSTEM FACTS- Computer: Fujitsu Siemens Intel Pentium CPU GHz 1GB Ram MS Wds XP Home Edit

Tongue-in-cheek reply - Roger, you could always go for a Mac and have none of these problems! Jon's advice is always top notch and is almost always worth following.

11 Nov @ 23:40


Do you have German enabled as one of the optional languages through "International' or 'Keyboard" settings in Control Panel?

10 Nov @ 13:43

RE: Administrator Problem

She would have to get professional help

10 Nov @ 13:42
9 Nov @ 13:09

RE: tv monitor

Press "Alt GR' and the arrow keys

18 Oct @ 23:50
10 Oct @ 12:02

RE: I would like to set up the internet on my G4. It sits next to the pc in my office upstairs.The re

Hi Doreen, You will need to buy an Apple Airport card to put into your Mac before you can use the wireless. They cost about £60 and you can get them from your local Apple stockist or have a hunt on the internet.

9 Oct @ 09:01

RE: Dell Latitude CSX

Processors almost always CANNOT be upgraded in laptops. Consider buying a new one instead.

8 Oct @ 21:44

RE: Fujitsu Siemans Amilo Pro V2055. Does not power on. Green power light when plugged into power pack.

Sounds like you'll have to bite the bullet again and replace the laptop. While you're in there though, remove the hard drive as a professional will be able to copy your data (photos, doc's, emails etc) onto the replacement laptop.

6 Oct @ 22:53

RE: at start up error code on toshiba satellite a30c

My psychic abilities have failed me this time... What error code? Give us information and THEN we should be able to help.

5 Oct @ 18:57

RE: Mac Laptop- black screen

If it is starting up and showing the 'Mac' starting then the hard drive is okay. Try starting the laptop up while holding down the shift key until you see the Apple logo. This will start it up in safe mode. Lets us know what happens with this.

2 Oct @ 13:02

RE: MS Outlook 2002 Error message - Can No Longer Archive

Autoarchive is very tempimental and I've NEVER successfully seen it work as it is suppose to. To create a new archive file click on File - New - PST

21 Sep @ 20:41

RE: Changing Computer - Need to transfer all old archived emails from Outlook across

As long as your using Outlook on your new pc then it should just a simple case of copying the .pst file from your old machine to the new one and configure outlook to use it.

21 Sep @ 20:39

RE: Hello. I have a Medion connect xl desktop that will not load windows. It brings up the option to loa

It sounds like a corrupt registry to me. If so then you will not gain access to the external drive by putting it into the computer. The only solution would be to get a pro to look at it.

18 Sep @ 21:03

RE: Acer system ALi chipset setup puzzler

Hi Jon, Sometimes there is a BIOS setting that enables IDE 'compatibility' for SATA drives (ie IDE emulation) which would then allow use of the recovery console.

16 Sep @ 22:19

RE: My imac starts goes grey clicks and switches off

It sounds as if the hard drive may be corrupt (the repair error message). Stop using it (you risk losing data / photos / music etc) and either take it in for repair or place a call for a mac engineer through this site.

16 Sep @ 22:18

RE: code purple is on screne how can i fix this please

What in the world is “Error Code Purple,” ? A quick search on the net revealed that this was a booby trap placed in computers in which a “tattoo” or numerical signature of the motherboard and hardware configuration is created at the factory and encoded into the restore disks on a particular computer. When you re-install your system, it checks to make sure the system has not been modified. If you have modified your system, the “tattoo” generated by the checking program will be different than the original, and the system will not boot. The underlying problem is that there is a .bat file that calls a python script to check the tattoo upon boot up. If you remove that call, then there is no check and the machine boots up just fine. The file is: C:hpinConfigCheckcfgchk.bat

15 Sep @ 17:59

RE: code purple is on screne how can i fix this please

Code Purple error results when you try to install a Compaq/HP tattooed OS onto a non-tattooed motherboard. If your computer is a Compaq or Hp, then your tattoo on your motherboard is either improperly tattooed, damaged or missing. This tattoo can go missing if your computer has been in a shop and had its motherboard replaced with a non-Compaq/Hp tattooed motherboard. Sometimes even computers that are repaired directly by Compaq/HP are returned with non-tattooed motherboard and have their OS reinstalled using a non-tattooed version of the OS. To repair this, you will have to get the motherboard retattooed by Compaq/HP in order to reinstall the Compaqa/HP tattooed OS install disk that came with the computer. An alternative to doing this is to purchase a retail copy of the OS, such as buying a retail copy of Windows XP. These retail copies of the OS will install on any brand of computer and do not require a tattoo to be present.

15 Sep @ 17:57

RE: code purple is on screne how can i fix this please

We will need a lot more information than you have supplied. Operating system? Do you get an error message? Do you have UP TO DATE antivirus on your computer.

15 Sep @ 17:55

RE: Corrupt unreadable file

Ermm guys, this thread is 5 months old now...

11 Sep @ 13:19

RE: No monitor display

Blown motherboard.... almost certainly

9 Sep @ 19:42

RE: i am not sure if it is a software or hardware problem, my sound on my sony vgn-cr11z/r, is registeri

Can you double-click on the speaker icon beside your clock and double check that the "Mute' box doesn't have a tick in it.

9 Sep @ 18:26

RE: advent 7012 ram

How on earth do you know all of these little gems of info Jon?!

2 Sep @ 20:49

RE: basicly i sent my Advent laptop to be repaired by the tech guys on my monthly insurence and it was s

Paul, try this link for info on the recovery CD.

22 Aug @ 17:32

RE: basicly i sent my Advent laptop to be repaired by the tech guys on my monthly insurence and it was s

The Tech guys must be the most useless bunch of idiots I've ever met.... Try repeatedly pressing the F10 button as you switch on the laptop. There should be a recovery partition on your computers hard drive (unless it was the hard drive that was repaired in which case you have lost it). If that doesnt work then you will have to contact Advent to get a recovery disk from them.

22 Aug @ 17:30

RE: not showing phots in grapics

When you print the document is the photo printed?

22 Aug @ 12:32

RE: The Built in Mouse and any external mouse are not working at all. The built in one stopped and an ex

Richard....not Alan! Go to bed Jon, your eyes are obviously not working too well!

13 Aug @ 23:49

RE: I have iMac G5. When I checked my HD by disk utility it says:

I should add a caveat though. If there is too many corruption's on your current hard drive that can't be repaired then some of them may be carried over on to your new hard drive.

12 Aug @ 16:35

RE: video drivers

The F5U513v isn't even listed on Belkin's website anymore so it is obviously an old / discontinued device. Where did you buy it from? Are you SURE it is working and if so, what makes you sure?

9 Aug @ 12:57

RE: My iMacG5 have had error in hard drive and now stoped working. I can''t turn it on. I checked fuse a

The replacement cost (excluding labour) for a power supply is £135 ex VAT.

7 Aug @ 14:06

RE: My iMacG5 have had error in hard drive and now stoped working. I can''t turn it on. I checked fuse a

Forget my last post. If you can't turn it on then it is more thank likely the power supply. What do you mean by you had an error in the hard drive?

7 Aug @ 14:04

RE: My iMacG5 have had error in hard drive and now stoped working. I can''t turn it on. I checked fuse a

How far does it get in the startup process? Do you get the 'bong' and the Apple logo?

7 Aug @ 14:02

RE: Adding Apple Mac to Windows Workgroup

Go into System Preferences / Network / Advanced / WINS and put the workgroup name in there. Then go back to System Preferences / Sharing and ensure that File Sharing is ticked. Any problems then post back please.

5 Aug @ 13:09

RE: Sharing Desktops

You want to be able to drag and drop file with your desktop and the server. FTP is the only way that you will be able to reliably this. There are other ways such as VNC with drag-and-drop capabilities which may work for you but they tend to be a bit hit-and-miss

5 Aug @ 09:08

RE: antievire 2008

The easiest and simplest to prevent any infection is to unplug your ethernet cable.... ;-)

4 Aug @ 01:07

RE: antievire 2008

or use format c: /u ! (Don't try this at home kids, get a grownup to help you...)

3 Aug @ 23:30

RE: sony vaio laptop cracked at hinge

You're looking at well over the £100 mark to replace the lid.

3 Aug @ 17:21

RE: antievire 2008

Very true Jon, I forgot that bit! From my own arsenal, superantispyware then smitfraud and then combofix.... preferably all run in safe mode.

2 Aug @ 11:40

RE: I was working with a wireless public connection. Suddenly it is not possible to conect the default w

If you open up a command prompt (click on start / run /type in 'cmd' and press enter) and type in 'ping' what results do you get?

31 Jul @ 17:49

RE: not sure how to define problems-Compaq Armada M700

Of course, it helps if I read the title of the posting!

29 Jul @ 11:41

RE: not sure how to define problems-Compaq Armada M700

That's assuming it's an HP. Sara - we need to know the make and model of your laptop please so that we can find a proper driver for it.

29 Jul @ 11:41

RE: programme uninstall and reinstall

If you got into your add/remove programs (through the control panel) and uninstall iTunes then reinstall it that should solve the problem. Don't worry about losing your stuff, you wont unless you don something very silly!

27 Jul @ 11:53

RE: Hard Drive Data Recovery

The scope of the recovery service is pretty much the same as yours. I think in all these years (7!) I've only come across 2 or 3 drives that I have had to send away and they were all due to the electronics. Let someone else's insurance worry about the data!

23 Jul @ 10:05

RE: Working with Pictures/photos

And thank you for letting us know the about the final outcome.

23 Jul @ 10:03

RE: Hard Drive Data Recovery

Yep, you'll need an identical hard drive so that you can move the controller from the good drive to the faulty one. Be VERY careful as there are some small and thin ribbon cables connecting to the HDD chassis.

23 Jul @ 10:01

RE: Hard Drive Data Recovery

Ah, I've just realised who posted this message. Morning Alan B!

23 Jul @ 09:15

RE: Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our company offers a data recovery service and we tend to do most of it in-house. If the hard drive isn't being recognised by the BIOS then it is (more than likely) the controller that has gone which will mean replacing the electronics on the hard drive. When I have had to use an external company then it has been Warning - Data recovery is now cheap. Expect to pay a good few hundred pounds for this service.

23 Jul @ 09:13

RE: Unplugged PC

It should only cost you roughly £100 to get an engineer to come out and resurrect your hard drive. It sounds as if there are some corruption's on it that are preventing it from starting up and can be relatively easily fixed by a professional.

17 Jul @ 19:12

RE: Business Broadband recommendation

Try Be Un Limited (owned by O2) or O2 themselves. They currently have a special offer on: £16 - £20 per month for up to 20MB download speed. Just remember that the advertised download speeds of any supplier will be under ideal conditions and almost no-one gets those!

15 Jul @ 23:59

RE: NAS for PC and Mac

PS My recommendation for your NAS unit:

15 Jul @ 23:56

RE: NAS for PC and Mac

Almost all NAS units that I've installed on Mac & PC networks have worked well. The only problem I've found is that the suppliers tend to only supply Windows software and forget about the Mac side. The only problem that you may face is if your Mac's are 10.5.x and you want to use Time Machine as the backup software. TM needs to format the NAS as journalised therefore the Windows machines will not recognise it.

15 Jul @ 23:54

RE: 11/07/08.New hard drive fit in my compaq computer windows vista home edition, I cannot find windows

Microsoft Word isn't and never has been a part of the operating system. It is an add-on, a separate purchase.

13 Jul @ 18:09

RE: crashing on startup


12 Jul @ 22:11

RE: HDD not detected Problem

In the BIOS, what is the startup sequence set to?

11 Jul @ 08:36

RE: Laptop does not power on

In that case either the AC adaptor is faulty or the motherboard on the laptop is goosed. Either way you will need to get a professional to look at it for a more accurate diagnosis.

10 Jul @ 10:33

RE: Laptop does not power on

Does the laptop power on when you use the just the power adaptor (ie with the battery out)?

10 Jul @ 10:27

RE: Laptop does not power on

Make and model of laptop? Windows or Apple? Error messages? Why did you think it was the battery?

10 Jul @ 09:55

RE: Internet

We're going to need a LOT more information from you before we can hope to solve it. What is the FULL error message that you get?

9 Jul @ 18:49

RE: Overheating processor. Brand new rig, so clean all fans running

Any silicon heat transfer compound should do the trick. Another brand is Unick, 10 grams for £5. Speak to your local friendly Maplin staff

8 Jul @ 13:21

RE: Overheating processor. Brand new rig, so clean all fans running

The main causes of overheating are: 1. Bad air flow within the case. 2. Underpowered CPU fan. 3. CPU over-clocked. 4. Bad thermal seal between the CPU and cooling fan. If you are 100% certain that it is none of the above then let us know.

7 Jul @ 19:18

RE: Ubuntu help! I want windows back

On last thing, are you offered the choice of Windows or Ubuntu when you switch on your laptop? If not then Windows is gone, erased, deleted, scrubbed, no more. Kill brother!

7 Jul @ 16:24

RE: Ubuntu help! I want windows back

From previous experience the linux (Ubuntu) boot loader (GRUB) will have to be overwritten before you can reinstall Windows. You will need to overwrite the MBR record on the hard drive before the Windows reinstall will work. Get a professional in to do it. And, if you think we professionals are expensive, wait until you see how much an amateur costs... and keep brothers away from it in future!

7 Jul @ 16:22

RE: dvd rewrite

Grab yourself a copy of CDBurner XP Pro. It's free and will do everything you need.

7 Jul @ 16:17

RE: dvd rewrite

You need dvd-rw / +rw, not -r / +r

6 Jul @ 19:25

RE: i have a dell latitude d600 and have a unmountable boot volume error

Usually this is caused by corruption on your hard drive. The best bet is to call in a pro who will be able to fix it for you.

30 Jun @ 12:12

RE: computer not booting up windows error

PS The trojan and Windows reactivation are not related in any way.

29 Jun @ 13:34

RE: computer not booting up windows error

If you have a legitimate copy of Windows then follow the instructions and you will have no problems. If you are looking for a way around a dodgy version then look elsewhere.

29 Jun @ 13:33

RE: EcoDisk stuck in Mac Slot Drive

PS Ecodisk's seem to have a habit of getting stuck in slot loading Mac's. For the sake of the environment and your Mac, bin them and buy some decent ones.

28 Jun @ 14:56

RE: Computer Spontaneously Restarts

How far does it get before it reboots? If its before Windows starts up then try unplugging RAM, HDD etc and see if it still happens? If it happens after Windows has started have you tried enabling boot logging and seeing if that give any info?

28 Jun @ 14:51

RE: EcoDisk stuck in Mac Slot Drive

As soon as you switch on your Mac start pressing the eject key. Keep going until it comes out (up to 1 minute). Make sure you are using a wired keyboard though. A bluetooth keyboard will not make this trick work.

28 Jun @ 14:48

RE: I lose internet connection when using VPN

1. Open your VPN connection properties 2. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) on the Networking tab for the properties of the VPN connection. 3. Click Properties, and then click Advanced. 4. In Advanced TCP/IP Settings, on the General tab, clear the "Use default gateway on remote network" check box. 5. Sorted :-)

27 Jun @ 20:17

RE: no sound through IE/Firefox, but itunes works fine

Adobe Flash plugin download page here:

26 Jun @ 17:06

RE: Entourage Address Book Problem

Hi Sophie, There will be no problems running the instructions. Now, the mental image of belly dancing..... Hmmm!!!!! Come north of the border and offer lessons!

26 Jun @ 17:04

RE: Entourage Address Book Problem

It sounds as if the database if corrupt. Please follow the instructions here: Let us know how you get on :-)

26 Jun @ 14:57

RE: mac systemX password

You will need to boot from an os x cd/dvd and use the password reset utility. There is no other way...

26 Jun @ 08:55

RE: Entourage Address Book Problem

This is a really odd one Sophie! Did everyone receive the newsletter 4 times or only some people? Do you have multiple email addresses for the people that received it more than once?

25 Jun @ 22:19

RE: Entourage Address Book Problem

And... 3. How many email accounts do you have set up in Entourage?

25 Jun @ 16:01

RE: Entourage Address Book Problem

1. Did today's newsletter go out in one go or did you have to do a resend at any point? 2. Do you have separate mailing lists within your Entourage address book and if so, how many?

25 Jun @ 16:00

RE: Cannot empty trash on my Mac

Double click on the trash can, select the untitles cd then do a right-click and select 'get info'. Once the info bar opens have a look at the bottom in the section where it says something along the lines of 'permissions'. You probably have read-only permissions for it so change the permissions to read-write adn then you will be able to empty the trash. Any problems then please get back in touch.

25 Jun @ 14:16

RE: Losing connection with LogMeIn

Has logmein ever worked from home to office? The usual reason is that your IT administrators have block the relevant port in the company firewall. As far as I remember, logmein uses up to 6 ports (holes in the firewall) and these may have been blocked. Your best bet is to check with the company's IT people first.

23 Jun @ 23:16

RE: Windows XP Service Pack 3

19 Jun @ 18:05

RE: Windows XP Service Pack 3

Do a google search for 'c0000139' or 'windows sp3 gdi32.dll'. Your questions will be answered.

19 Jun @ 16:25

RE: Windows XP Service Pack 3

I don't know about he pre=release versions but I've certainly seen it with two recent installations.

18 Jun @ 12:00

RE: Windows XP Service Pack 3

One known issue that I have seen twice with SP3 is the gdi32.dll problem. This results in the PC blue-screening at every boot. Fix is here:

18 Jun @ 08:01

RE: possible ink leacking in the screen beacause you can see big blue sploges wen computer is off or if

According to the PCIQ admins we (the professionals) will have our own private forum in a month or so. Once we have it then we can comment on the grammatically-challenged and everything else that we want. Until then I feel that commenting in public on their abilities or otherwise does no good and can potentially put the clients off from using this wonderful service. Just my 2 euro's worth.

15 Jun @ 10:06

RE: possible ink leacking in the screen beacause you can see big blue sploges wen computer is off or if

Apparently it is possible for LCD screens to leak fluid. According to one of the posts listed it could be a mercury compound leaking out. If so then be very careful. Mercury can be lethal. Either way though, your screen is bust and will need replaced. There is no hope for it at all.

14 Jun @ 11:45

RE: Bought a 2nd hand laptop which has the bios password protected, its a Toshiba EA60-181, model number

Bad luck Lorraine. I hope you didnt lose too much. Coo, messages deleted by the admins. I've never seen that before.

13 Jun @ 12:10


We will need to know the filetype of the film. You may be able to tell by the filename (the last three letters after the dot)

12 Jun @ 21:31

RE: my pc keeps puting microsoft windows on the bottem bar plus when i try to download some thing it goe

I 'think' he may mean Internet Explorer is being minimised and his downloads then fail. Where's my Babelfish?

12 Jun @ 19:22

RE: msn problems

Hi Robert, Given the technical nature of the fixes suggested I suggest that you get a professional in to it for you. Messing about with the registry can serious screw up your computer.

11 Jun @ 21:19

RE: could you please help me i''ve got windows vista and im trying to find codec on it and i cant find i

Agreed Jon, the standard of English on some of these postings is atrocious. Maybe PCIQ could publish the IP addresses of the posters along with their messages?

10 Jun @ 21:19

RE: could you please help me i''ve got windows vista and im trying to find codec on it and i cant find i

What you are being told to download is more than likely a virus disguised as a media codec file. Unless the video comes from a legitimate source (Apple, Microsoft, BBC etc) the chances are that it is a virus in disguise. If your downloading it from limewire etc then it almost certainly is dodgy. PS Full stops and grammar would help us properly understand your question. Can you please try again?

10 Jun @ 18:41


I'm assuming that Winfast is one of Leadtek's TV cards. Fiona - We will need a much clearer description, preferably something we can all understand, and FAR more information.

9 Jun @ 23:30

RE: my screen is black!

N.S. I've no idea what makes you think that resetting the memory will correct this problem.

8 Jun @ 14:27

RE: i perces a epson three in one printer from pc world on wedensday but can not get the printer to prin

Is your computer Microsoft Windows, an Apple Mac or something else? When you initially plug your new printer into the computer what does it do? We will all need more information from yourself before we can help you further.

8 Jun @ 11:56
6 Jun @ 10:01

RE: Recommend laptop to buy

There are so many different makes and models that it would be almost impossible for anyone to give you an idea. And then, if we did, a new model would come out cheaper than the one you just bought! As a rough guide, go for HP or Dell. For HP use their 'chooser' link: For Dell go here: On a personal note, try and avoid Microsoft Vista like the plague, it will cause you nothing but untold grief. Good luck with your final decision!

5 Jun @ 13:28

RE: Outlook Express Spell Checker and Office 2007

Thunderbird isn't the prettiest piece of software but it is certainly functional. You may have to download the english (uk) dictionary separately and install it.

5 Jun @ 10:26

RE: Internet Explorer Script Error

Mike, Installing Firefox will not change anything on your system. It will offer to import your bookmarks, home page, history etc when you first install it.

3 Jun @ 16:53

RE: cannot use my dvd will not play any thing I have 2 rester cds for my emacchine when i load them I ge

ok, try right-clicking on it in the device manager, choose 'uninstall' then shutdown and restart your computer. Does it work now?

2 Jun @ 17:05

RE: cannot use my dvd will not play any thing I have 2 rester cds for my emacchine when i load them I ge

It sounds as if it is goosed. If you go into the device manager (right-click on 'My computer', select properties and then hardware) does your DVD drive show up in there?

2 Jun @ 13:18

RE: Internet Explorer Script Error

Mike, as a alternative to what Alan and Jon are recommending, you could try using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer as your web browser. Firefox doesn't have any of the inherent security problems that IE has and it also doesn't worry (much) about badly written websites.

2 Jun @ 10:28

RE: cannot use my dvd will not play any thing I have 2 rester cds for my emacchine when i load them I ge

Hi Joe, The CDR101 error message means that there is either a driver or hardware fault. If you put in a software CD or an audio CD does it work?

2 Jun @ 10:24

RE: Internet cuts off after 5 mins

What operating system are you using? Is your antivirus up to date and have performed at recent scan?

1 Jun @ 20:32

RE: just installed a new motherboard, processor and memory, turned on for the first time but nothing hap

Kumar is one of the many false posting and job requests that were made over the last couple of weeks. The PCIQ team have been having to manually check job requests (which has led to a manual delay in legitimate jobs making it onto the site), forum postings etc and this one has obviously slipped through the net.

31 May @ 16:07

RE: Office 2003 will not open after installing and uninstalling visio 2007

You may be right Alan. Possible fix for this mapi32.dll problem:

30 May @ 14:30

RE: Office 2003 will not open after installing and uninstalling visio 2007

System restore will only restore system dll files. As mapi32.dll is part of office and not windows it will not be restored. Have you tried doing a repair (add/remove programs etc) as I suggested in my earlier post?

30 May @ 13:44

RE: Office 2003 will not open after installing and uninstalling visio 2007

The mapi32.dll refers to a part of Microsoft Outlook. If you go into add/remove programs, go down to your MS Office installation, click on it and choose the change option. Once the installer opens up then choose repair. You may need your 2003 installation CD as well.

30 May @ 12:10

RE: Search/Spotlight facility does not work on Mac G4

Well done that woman! Yes, you can safely delete that file.

30 May @ 12:07

RE: just installed a new motherboard, processor and memory, turned on for the first time but nothing hap

Have you checked that the motherboard supports the speed of the new processor? Also, does it beeb at you when switched on?

29 May @ 23:54

RE: Search/Spotlight facility does not work on Mac G4

It's fairly safe using the terminal - you 'shouldnt' lose any data. If you are at all unsure then do a backup and then let me know once it's done. Printer problem - completely unrelated to your spotlight problems but they coujld both be symptomatic of a more serious underlying problem. If you go into applications / utilities and double click on 'disk utility' and (on the left hand side) click once on your hard disk (HDD) and then click on 'verify disk' then do the same with 'repair permission'. Can you let me kow what errors are found?

29 May @ 23:52

RE: Search/Spotlight facility does not work on Mac G4

Ooerr, if you cannot add anything into the spotlight section then it sounds as if there is something (vaguely) wrong with the operating system. If I was allowed to give my contact details then it could be easily resolved remotely. Gah! Do you feel brave and want to attempt using terminal (I will give step-by-step instructions to you)?

29 May @ 11:34

RE: Search/Spotlight facility does not work on Mac G4

Try one or both of these: 1. Go to system prefrences, then spotlight and under privacy (don't search section) add your entire hard drive, restart the mac then remove hard drive from spotlight preferences. 2. (Slightly harder and requires knowledge of the terminal application): Move this file to the Desktop: /User/Library/Preferences/ and then restart your mac and test spotlight. If that doesn't work, then open Terminal and verify that indexing is enabled, by typing at the prompt: sudo mdutil -s / (and press enter) It should report "Indexing enabled". If you want to rebuild the Spotlight index, then type: sudo mdutil -E / (and press enter) Let us know how you get on with it.

28 May @ 21:59

RE: Mac G4 - speech recognition & strange keyline boxes

In fact, go into the universal access and turn off everything. That will cure the 'black box' problem too.

28 May @ 11:50

RE: Mac G4 - speech recognition & strange keyline boxes

Go into system preferences then universal access and turn off 'voice over'

28 May @ 11:48

RE: computer freezes

I agree with what Alan has said but before you end up in telephone-hell does your computer freeze if you start it up in safe mode? (Press F8 repeatedly when you switch it on and it will eventually come up with a start up menu). If it doesn't freeze in safe mode then the issue is being caused by either a program that is starting up automatically or it is a driver problem. Try this option first and let us know what happens.

26 May @ 10:26

RE: moniter

Can you unplug your monitor from the computer and try it again. Does it still switch off?

26 May @ 10:20

RE: Every time I switch on my computer I got this message :Warning! CPU has been changed. or CPU Rat

You will need to go into your BIOS (Press either Del, F1, F2 or F10 at computer switch on depending on the manufacturer) and re-enter the timings for your processor speed (assuming you know what they are) or you could try selecting the 'Reset to Default' option. Lets us know how you get on.

15 May @ 10:19

RE: Start-up screen

Oops, I should have reread the full thread again before posting :-) So, its NOT the desktop picture which leave only a customised BIOS screen (highly unlikely as no-one wants to mess up a BIOS) so it could only be the Windows XP startup screen. Instructions on how to change it are here: or here: If its the Windows boot logo then you should really REALLY consider getting a professional to fix it. Messing around with kernels is not for the faint hearted. Good luck!

8 May @ 18:23

RE: Start-up screen

Quote: Everytime my present chap comes over i have to switch the monitor off so he doesn't see the picture. Help :-( I think this just a standard background picture as she clearly states that she has to switch the monitor off to stop her new bloke from seeing it and as the lady doesn't even know how to get into the BIOS I assume that it isn't a customised BIOS splash screen. Sarah: assuming I'm correct then please follow these instructions: Guys: stop the bickering. It doesn't look good for potential customers reading the forums and gives a bad impression to the rest of us.

8 May @ 18:12

RE: my mac won't start

Hi Anna, Sounds as if the hard drive has given up the ghost. Mac's use a standard IDE interface so you will be able to buy a replacement hard drive for less than £50. It may also be possible to recover your data from the old drive. Put a request in for someone to come and have a look at it.

5 May @ 10:22

RE: the computer accidentally started from a virus-infected portalbe(not sure) disc,after that,I couldn'

Try following the instructions here: *** TRY ALL EXCEPT THE DISKPART COMMAND *** and let us know the results.

5 May @ 10:20

RE: dvd rewrite

What sort of re-writable DVD's are you using?

5 May @ 10:17

RE: laptor running slow and not letting me in to some sites

The sites that you can't get into: are they 'secure' sites such as online banking etc (ie do their web address start with https? If so then visit here and follow the instructions.;EN-US;318378

25 Apr @ 14:33

RE: Free antivirus software

I agree with David, NOD32 is paid-for and a much better choice than Norton. The first thing we tend to do when getting to a customers site is remove the damn stuff!

25 Apr @ 14:30

RE: S.Provder lost emails how to stop happening again

When you say your service provider lost your emails, what were the symptoms on YOUR computer? Did they simply disappear from your outlook express??

14 Apr @ 13:24

RE: I keep getting loads of spam emails and i dont know how to get rid of them.

And don't ever EVER click on the 'unsubscribe' link if there is one. As Alan says, simply delete them.

14 Apr @ 13:22

RE: Connecting PowerMac G4 to wireless internet

It should work with the d-link adapter. When you try to scan for a wireless connection what does the software show?

14 Apr @ 13:20

RE: Corrupt unreadable file

Click on the start button and the 'run'. Type in cmd and press enter - this will open up a black box. Type in chkdsk c: /f /r and then restart your computer. Let us know if this cures the problem.

14 Apr @ 13:15

RE: I just bought a new PC but i cant seem to get the sound working

Te pci device will be your sound card. Right-click on it, choose 'update' and when it asks you for the location of the drivers, point it to the audio installation CD

14 Apr @ 13:13

RE: Mac now 2 years old and running v slowly. b''band speed is good but take ages to load a page . gen

Go to system preferences, then accounts and for each account you haver listed there, check the login startup items. As you install software some of it is set to startup automatically. Deleteing most of them will be fine.

30 Mar @ 08:40

RE: my screen is black!

This'll be the accessability settings then! Open up system preferences, click on 'accessability' and untick any boxes with ticks in them.

30 Mar @ 08:37

RE: anyone

Hi there, Sounds as if the driver has gone AWOL. What is the make and mdel of the laptop? Have you tried looking on the manufacturers website for the relelvant audio driver for your specific model?

18 Mar @ 23:23

RE: Emachine W4620

Hi Janette, A couple of possibilities... Is the laptop overheating? Do you have antivirus installed?

18 Mar @ 23:21

RE: Windows Vista Upgrade--Battery not being detected, Sony Shared Library not found

Battery problem - If you cannot run it without mains and you have tried another battery then it appears to be a problem with the motherboard in your laptop not recognising the battery. If it is still under warrenty then get back in touch with Sony.

17 Mar @ 23:04

RE: Two OS.

As linux was install after windows it will either be a lilo or grub problem. You will need to rewrite the mbr for the windows hard drive. Follow these instructions:

17 Mar @ 22:57

RE: Windows XP service pack 2 issues

You'll need to reset the registry permissions for this one. Follow the instructions here: Then reinstall SP2

17 Mar @ 22:54