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RE: not seeing my network

Hi Go to the command prompt by clicking on the Windows Start and type cmd into the search. Now you see that command prompt. To start it make a click or use the keyboard to selct it and hit Enter.And then type ping and hit Enter in the command prompt.And copy paste the result here.

4 Mar @ 15:41

RE: Fail to boot

Hi I suggest you not to try more option,if you got important data on your computer.And book an engineer.If you know about computers very well then please answer the questions asked by Richard and Jon.

1 Mar @ 11:05

RE: Bookmarks

Hi Which Web browser you are using for accessing websites,like Internet explorer,Firefox,Safari etc.

22 Feb @ 14:51

RE: Dell System - XP Pro - Worked on the system remotely on the 8th for minutes or so. No problem - Got

Hi Which remote solution are you using to access your computer remotely. This is the first time you access your PC remotely? What service pack is installed on your Xp Pro?

9 Feb @ 11:38

RE: where can I find my product key?

On the rear, side or bottom of the system.It is a combination of numbers and letters.

20 Oct @ 17:42

RE: i have a macbook pro that will turn on but the screen is not coming on, the white light is staying o

Hi Rachel, There can be many reasons for this kind of issue.Have you install any recent update for your MAC?When you turn On your MAC does it makes any start up chime (sound).

20 Oct @ 15:27

RE: I am using a MacBook Pro 15

Hi You need to book an engineer through PCIQ Website to fix this issue for you. Thanks

13 Oct @ 18:04

RE: Battery Upgrade

Hi If you are looking for buying new battery,I suggest you to buy only from Packard Bell.In the market you will find lot of sellers who sell these batteries but 99.9% they are not genuine.

5 Oct @ 16:02

RE: apple mac backgrouns

If it is on Domain environment then you can easily restrict through AD services.

30 Sep @ 15:51

RE: apple mac backgrouns

Hi Is Mac's are part of Domain or Work group?

30 Sep @ 11:48

RE: creating Recovery disc

Hi When it reach at 95%.Did you get any error message? How old is your laptop? Did you tried to use another new disk to make recovery CD? Please provide us more details to help you further.

26 Sep @ 17:08

RE: Win xp re-install

Hi Paul, Yes it is possible.If the disk you are using is not pirated one.

9 Jul @ 18:21

RE: medion MIM2230 notebook system crash

Hi John, How old is the laptop? What operating system is installed in it e.g windows Xp,Vista etc? Have you installed any new hardware recently in your laptop like any USB wireless dongle,camera etc? When you turn ON the laptop does blue screen come up immediately or when Windows start loading up? Turn OFF the laptop disconnect the power supply and take out the battery as well.And then connect the power supply but don't put the battery back in and then turn ON the laptop. Please let us know the details.

1 Jul @ 21:32


Hi Is Some thing written on the blank screen with white letters or it is totally blank? If the screen is totally blank,then try to take out the battery from the laptop and also don't connect the power supply,press and hold down the power button for 5 to 10 seconds.Put the battery back in and try to turn on the laptop. Please provide us more information,so that we can help you further.

21 Jun @ 22:12

RE: I have got full connection to my bt hub but when I start internet explorer it keeps saying no intern

Hi Which Antivirus software are you using? How your PC is connected with BT hub with wireless or wired?If it is connected through wireless try connecting your PC with BT hub by cable (Ethernet). Please let us know.

22 May @ 17:11

RE: unable to open ecard

Hi Which OS are you using Windows Xp,Vista or Windows 7? Are you using internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox for the internet? What Antivirus software are you using? Are you accessing your emails through outlook express or simply through web browser like internet explorer etc. Please provide us more details.

22 May @ 17:05

RE: adware

Hi Spybot S&D(Spybot search and destroyer.

20 May @ 17:52

RE: when i switch on i get the message windows failed to load because the nls data is corrupt, or missin

Hi If you got an important data in your PC and you don't want to loose it.Please call an IT professional for help.

5 May @ 15:14

RE: Wireless does not work anymore

Hi What is the make of the router. any model no. or serial no.? Please provide us more details.

3 Apr @ 16:56

RE: DVD drive freezes PC

Please try to update the firmware for the DVD drive through manufacturer website.

3 Apr @ 16:52

RE: DVD drive freezes PC

Hi When you click my computer can you see the DVD drive icon there or not? Did you tried to play some other disks in the DVD drive? What OS are you using e.g. Windows Xp,Vista etc. Try to uninstall the DVD drive from the device manager and restart the computer. Please let us know, so that we can help you further.

3 Apr @ 12:41

RE: Start up

Hi How much memory your system got? What sort applications,programs normally you run from your machine? Definitely you bought Quad core for specific reason isn't it? How old is your system? Please provide us more details so that we can help you further.

26 Mar @ 12:45

RE: Microsoft Outlook 2007

Are you using free version of AVG or paid one. Try to change the security settings of the AVG.

19 Feb @ 10:39

RE: Microsoft Outlook 2007

Hi What antivirus software you are using?What is its subscription status? How much memory your PC got? Any other security software you are using? Please provide us more details so that we can help you further.

18 Feb @ 17:34

RE: Port 9000

Hi Sharon can you please tell us how you are connected with internet.I mean wireless router or modem.What is their make or model. What antivirus software are you using? What OS are you using is it Windows or MAC? Please provide us more details so that we can help you further.

12 Feb @ 20:32

RE: internet connection

Please also try to replace the Adsl filter.

28 Jan @ 12:42

RE: crystal eye web cam

Hi Vicki You can access it through Programs or Control Panel. Which operating system you are using Xp,Vista or Windows 7?

24 Jan @ 19:07

RE: Laptop Damage

Hi Karen, I suggest you to take out the battery from the laptop and please do not connect it with a power supply. And call an IT professional to sort this out for you.

19 Jan @ 15:02

RE: Error message on Apple imac G5 on boot up....Help!!

Hi I suggest you to call an IT professional.

12 Jan @ 11:51

RE: Re-install bluetooth dongle

Hi Dee You need software Cd so that your computer can recognize the hardware(bluetooth device). Can you please tell me the make of the dongle or any other information about it. Please provide us more details so that we can help you further.

7 Jan @ 16:43

RE: cooling fan

Hi Keith What sort of MAC you got,I mean make and model. Please provide us more details.

7 Jan @ 11:49

RE: I have an apple iMAC, the one with the transparent blue back. I stupidly clicked on an option for it

Hi Wesley, Restart the MAC and hold down D key this will force the MAC to boot normally.

4 Jan @ 11:40

RE: Purchased Windows 7,home premium tried to install 64bit version but would not upgrade, deleted the p

Hi John, What operating system you got before upgrading it.Did you check the compatibility of your PC with Windows 7 by installing Windows 7 compatibility pack from Microsoft website. Please provide us more details.

28 Dec @ 19:34

RE: 3 connect mobile broadband

Hi Jamie, If you got service pack 2 on your system.My suggestion is upgrade the Xp to services pack 3 first.And then try to use 3 dongle. Please let us know the outcome.

18 Dec @ 16:10

RE: e mails

Hi Leonard, Does your outlook was working before.Or this is the first time you are using it. Who is your Internet services provider? Please provide us more details.

14 Dec @ 09:51

RE: desktop comes on. No display on screen. Single beeps

Hi Kathleen, Did you checked the cable connecting your monitor with the computer (CPU).If not disconnect the cable and reconnect it again with the computer. Please let us know.

24 Nov @ 16:30

RE: virus

Hi tommy If for security reasons you don't want to buy online. You can buy from PC World Kaspersky internet security suit. It will remove all the potential threats and fake alarm due to spyware etc.

23 Nov @ 19:19

RE: adaptor usb wireless

Hi Janet Which operating system you got e.g. Xp,Vista etc? Are you using inbuilt wireless adapter to connect to the wireless network or external i.e. USB. Please we need more details to help you further.

23 Nov @ 16:35

RE: Transferring photos from camera/phone to laptop

Hi Carol What is the make (model) of your laptop.What operating system do you have on your laptop e.g Xp,Vista etc. What is the make (model) of your camera. Please provide us more details so that we can help you further.

23 Nov @ 14:55

RE: Desperate help needed with Acer!!

If you don't know much about computer's.And you got important data in it. It is worth to call an IT professional for help.

14 Nov @ 00:26

RE: Wirelsss printer network problem

Hi Paul, What make or model of wireless printer your relative got? How many laptop or desktop computers they are using with wireless printer? Which operating system is installed on them e.g Xp,Vista etc? Please provide us more details so that we can help you further.

31 Oct @ 12:38


I am with you Alan.By adding few more quids you can buy the new router.

30 Oct @ 14:36

RE: new laptop need help to set up to internet and to use wireless

Hi Pauline, If you want an IT professional to setup your laptop.Please request it on the PCIQ main home page the link for this is

20 Oct @ 15:42

RE: sereal number

Hi Tracie You want to find the product serial number for your laptop or the product key to install the windows again.

12 Oct @ 08:17

RE: My daughter has an Advent laptop and she accidentally pressed hibernate and now she has lost her int

Hi Jackie, If you just press the Power button on the laptop it will come to the normal mode.

11 Oct @ 21:13

RE: PC when started stays at the Safe Mode screen

Hi David, Which operating system you are Vista or Xp? Did you installed any new hardware or software recently. Please provide us more information so that we can help you to resolve this issue.

11 Oct @ 12:55


Alternatively please follow this link-

5 Oct @ 13:41


Hi Liza, You can get your SMTP and POP3 settings from the BT people.You need to call them and ask for those settings. Thanks

5 Oct @ 13:36

RE: network problem

Hi Which remote client you are using.Are you using Windows remote desktop? Please provide us more details so that we can help you further.

29 Sep @ 11:22

RE: computer wont start

Hi Did you tried to set your BIOS settings to default? What messages you are getting on the screen when computer boots. Please provide us more details, so that we can help you further.

26 Sep @ 11:30

RE: error messages

Hi Some web pages need active x and plugins to install. So that you can view web contents properly, there is no harm in it,if you know what sort of website you are browising and you got upto date antivirus software. If, I am not wrong.I believe you are using internet explorer.

2 Sep @ 21:45

RE: wireless problem

Hi You have to set it up on automatic setting.Explore the wireless setting software.You will find something like that connect automatically when this network is in the range or may be a bit different language depends on different vendors. Which laptop do you have?

24 Aug @ 17:14

RE: i am running vista home premium my pc went through its normal updates it got to stage 3 and said 10

Hi Or you can try this.Restart your machine keep pressing F8 key for couple of times.You will get the menu with number of options from there select last know good configuration. Please let us know.

22 Aug @ 20:09

RE: Packard Bell EasyNote laptop

Hi If you never used the Skype you can use messenger(MSN).Under tool menu you will see webcam setting there you can setup the webcam and test it as well. Thanks

15 Aug @ 00:10

RE: Computer want boot up to start

Hi Yes your data will be recovered easily,I suggest you do not try to fix it yourself if your are not technically sound and your data is very important to you. I suggest you to call an IT professional. Thanks,

14 Aug @ 13:52

RE: battery undectected

Hi When did you bought your PC. Did you check the charger for it may be it is faulty. Disconnect the charger,wait for few minutes and connect it again and switch on PC. Tell us the status of the lights on the PC during this process. Repeat the same process after disconnecting the battery from the laptop. Please let us know.

11 Aug @ 18:10

RE: i have an echolife modem which keeps disconnecting

Hi If I am not wrong your internet services provider is talk talk. How your PC is connected with the modem through USB cable or Ethernet cable. Did you try to run diagnostic test through the software provided by the internet services provider. Please provide us more details. Thanks

6 Aug @ 19:17

RE: Problem

Hi As suggested by Jon Stagg have you checked the keyboard. Try to unplug the keyboard and restart the computer and plug it back again. Please let us know.

5 Aug @ 17:58

RE: replaced hard drive

Hi Did you try to change the boot order from Bios? If not. Operating system is corrupted OR faulty hard drive. If you don't have any knowledge about computers you can't do any thing about this kind of issue. Please call an IT professional. Thanks

3 Aug @ 20:07

RE: Recovery Partition

Hi Did you try with F10 key.You need to keep pressing it after switching on your laptop. Or Try F8 which will take you to advance boot option from there select repair option.

2 Aug @ 14:27

RE: lap top screen flicker

Hi I am afraid you can't do any thing to resolve this kind of issue. I suggest you to call an IT professional. Thanks

27 May @ 19:55

RE: Bluetooth

Are you using external bluetooth dongle or internal one. Because according to Acer there is no bluetooth capability in Acer Extensa 5220.

22 May @ 20:10

RE: Bluetooth

Hi I think the wireless/bluetooth switch is off,check the indicator for wireless/bluetooth is on or not. Please let us know.

22 May @ 20:00

RE: Changing primary DVD Drive

Hi Try to disable internal CD/DVD drive from BIOS setup.

21 May @ 18:41
21 May @ 18:22

RE: Replacing 6720s DVD writer

Hi You can also use external one with your USB.

21 May @ 10:49

RE: Wireless network issues

Hi Please provide us details about the wireless router like make ,model no. etc. Are you using any sort of software in your laptop to connect with the wireless router or using windows only. What operating system you are using Xp or Vista ?

17 May @ 07:43

RE: repair of Emac

When did you bought it ? Do you have purchase details- I mean invoice etc? Did you tried to boot it in safe mode ? Please provide us more details.

13 May @ 22:00

RE: printer

what sort of printer you got? Any make or model ? USB or Ethernet ? please provide us more details.

12 May @ 23:47

RE: advent 7110

Which operating system you are using. Windows ,Linux or MAC OS ?

6 May @ 22:46

RE: AMD ATHLON XP 2.02GHz CPU speed 2019MHz MOTHERBOARD AsRock K7S41GX. I wish to install 2GB of Ram i

Hi Is this branded machine or what ? How much Ram at the moment, installed in your machine. Please let us know.

6 May @ 17:06

RE: Piece of AUX cable plug in my headphones socket

Hi I suggest you to call an IT professional and please don't try to sort it our yourself.

30 Apr @ 12:48

RE: Computer start up speed with Windows XP

Try Registry Cleaning software this will also help you to speed up the PC. RegDefense is one of the best and simple to use software. Do the scan of your system to check any problem with your system by going to their website,which is free.

23 Apr @ 11:31

RE: My computer wont boot up. I have to use the f12 key and select 5 the the f1 kay, once this is do

Hi You mean now your computer is working but you can't able to use internet.

22 Apr @ 11:20

RE: my hard drive in my iMac went!

It is better to call for professional help.If you don't have any experience in opening and configuring MAC. And you also got important data.

15 Apr @ 22:54

RE: No Incoming E Mails

Hi Which email client you are using e.g outlook etc? Who is your internet service provider ? Try to email yourself from the same email address.

14 Apr @ 13:01

RE: problems closing my internet explorer

John,a problem in the registry of the system can cause this problem also. Which version of internet explorer you are using at the moment. You can check this,when you open the internet explorer by pressing Alt plus h keys all together from your keyboard and after releasing them press A key only. Then you can find out which version you are using.

11 Apr @ 13:03

RE: e-mails

Hi What email client you are using e.g outlook etc.Or you are accessing your email account directly from the internet browser. Please provide us more details.

6 Apr @ 14:21

RE: External hard drive

Go for Maxtor easy to use and robust design.

3 Apr @ 23:15

RE: Windows Start up

This kind of Malware,is exploiting both Norton and McAee.

29 Mar @ 11:35

RE: I am trying to do a recovey usb disk drive for an acer notebook but evertime i try it comes up with

What sort of error you are getting.Can you please tell us.I assume you are using the recovery disk which come with your Acer laptop. Why you want to do a recover?

26 Mar @ 19:06

RE: Distiller won't launch

Try to use the program in safe mode.Please let us know the result.

22 Mar @ 18:03

RE: formatting computer

First step you need to do is,Scan your whole system with antivirus software to set it virus free. What sort of antivirus software you are using at the moment is it free or licensed version.And what is its status.Is it expired or still valid for further use.

15 Mar @ 13:02

RE: hard drive got virus, replaced hard need windows xp recovery disc for E-SYSTEM P.C

David you need to ask the recovery CD from the manufacture of your PC (E-SYSTEM). We can't provide you that CD.

13 Mar @ 13:58

RE: Have just received Advent 4211 and would like the set up guide please

Sorry Jon, for the above message. And many thanks for the information.

12 Mar @ 01:39

RE: Have just received Advent 4211 and would like the set up guide please

Hi If you bought new 4211 Advent definitely,it comes with setup guide.Please go through it. If you need further information feel free to ask.

11 Mar @ 10:34

RE: pc keeps restarting and wont load windows

Windows needs to repair or fresh installation.But don't go for fresh installation yourself, if you got important data in your PC it is worth to call an IT professional.

11 Mar @ 10:01

RE: apple mac .unable to download programmes

What programmes you want to download? Is your internet is working or not? Please provide us more details.

10 Mar @ 13:31

RE: apple G5

Reboot it in safe mode. And tell us the result.

4 Mar @ 18:59

RE: windows live messenger

There is a possibility that by mistake someone from your contact list blocked you in messenger. Or check your blocked contact list and unblocked your contacts from that list in the messenger.

2 Mar @ 11:54

RE: my USB holder has become lose and because of that i can not get connected to my internet and my lapt

It is also repairable.Call an IT professional for help, if you don't want to buy a new laptop or PCMCIA card.

25 Feb @ 11:24

RE: Dell laptop troubleshoot

If last known good configuration is failed or any other option is failed in safe mode(F8). And if you got important data in your laptop,I suggest you not to try any other method to fix the problem otherwise you can loose your data. It is worth,if you call an IT professional for help.

25 Feb @ 11:11

RE: facebook webb site

Which browser you are using for accessing the internet(e.g. Internet explorer,Mozilla etc) ? Are you facing the same problem with other websites too?

21 Feb @ 20:54

RE: serious problem

Yogen your first issue is solved regarding search? Secondly check memory module in your laptop.They are properly installed or not.

18 Feb @ 13:47

RE: please help

Yogen provide us more and proper details.

18 Feb @ 10:44

RE: Detect ARP poisoning(ARP spoofing) & ARP flooding

Hi Devid,I think you should show and share your knowledge in other forum.Because this forum is not for script kiddies.

15 Feb @ 12:37

RE: Blue screen on computer

Mr Brian,I suggest you to call a professional to fix this issue.We can provide you more solutions to fix this problem but they are bit complex and you got important data on the PC,so there is a chance to loose that.So it is worth to call a professional.

11 Feb @ 10:50

RE: Blue screen on computer

How old is your PC ? Did you reinstall XP after you bought your PC?

11 Feb @ 09:21

RE: keep getting pop ups how do u block them it as only just started on sunday and i do not no what to d

1. Check your antivirus software expirary date. 2. What browser you are using for internet(internet explorer,mozilla etc)

10 Feb @ 15:26

RE: Transferring files from old pc to new pc

I suggest, external hard drive is more better solution.If you don't have external hard drive, it is worth to buy new one.You can use it as a backup device too for backing up your all valuable data on it.As in case of PC crash or any other issue related with PC,you don't need to worry about loosing your valuable data.

9 Feb @ 10:02

RE: Close a Link

George,which browser you are using.I mean internet explorer,Mozilla,opera etc.Let me know

6 Feb @ 10:37

RE: yahoo messenger /msn messenger

Just you need to give access to Yahoo and MSN. That means when you click on MSN to install one pop up window will come up that is because of AVG.So it will ask you that some application is try to connect to internet or something like that you need to click allow not deny. Then try to install Yahoo or MSN. If that doesn't work try to disable the AVG by right clicking on the AVG icon near the system clock.One window will pop up and there will be option for disabling the AVG. And then try to install Yahoo or MSN.

29 Jan @ 19:24

RE: building a new pc around asus formula crosshair II motherboard

I suggest you to check all connection on the motherboard with the front panel of the PC,if all are connected o.k - then check your processor is connected properly with its socket or not also check the heat sink-also check the spacers of the motherboard- may be it is short circuited with the cabinet. GOOD LUCK !

13 Jan @ 22:08

RE: RE:blue screen on mac

I think Richard is right.We can guide you few more things but that is not going to help because for that you need technical skills.I suggest you to take help from professional.

3 Jan @ 16:15

RE: wireless connection problem

Try to update the driver for your Wireless network card.If there is no update available, uninstall the driver of your wireless card and again install it. And if you are using other software for configuring the wireless network card disable or uninstall it and use windows solution as suggest by Alan. All the best!

28 Dec @ 22:24

RE: system files missimg .. acer laptop doesn't working or even recover..

If your laptop is new not so old you don't need to buy a new one.Any technically sound person can sort it out for you easily in less money.I suggest you to take help.

27 Dec @ 17:47

RE: connecting to a cluster

Please can you make your question more clear and specific.

9 Dec @ 12:36

RE: trying to connect nintendo ds with wireless router. message coming up is the access points security

Just change the wireless security (WEP key)to 64- bit of wireless router.It will work

7 Dec @ 12:33

RE: will not go to homepage on start

Can you please tell me what version of internet explorer are you using.That you can check from the help tab located on the top of the internet explorer(about internet explorer). If it is less than version 7,try to update it from Microsoft site and one more thing is your Pc is updating or not I mean did you ever saw any pop up like saying updates are ready or some thing like that.

3 Dec @ 23:19

RE: Dell Inspiron 6000

Seems to be resources conflict.Did you try to reset the Bios to default value?

28 Nov @ 22:30

RE: How To Delete Old O/S?

If you are not technically sound,please don't try to do that.Otherwise you will crash your whole system. And for such issues either never try to use Google,some times the information you get is not 100 % up to the mark.My friendly advise to you is that, to call technical person to fix this issue.

22 Nov @ 11:36

RE: dvd/cd rw ram

Reset the BIOS setting to default,I think It will solve your problem. And after setting it to default,please check it is displaying your hard disk or the DVD drive you want to install or not. Otherwise you need call expert to fix the issue.

24 Oct @ 20:34
12 Jun @ 23:58

RE: lap top

Mostly it is related with power supply unit or some newly installed software or hardware. Try to install them. Or I suggest you to take professional help.

11 Jun @ 13:59

RE: my screen is black!

Need professional to reset the settings of memory to default value.

8 Jun @ 13:28