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Network Issues (including Setup)

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Macbook 2Ghz Intel core duo 2GB. Mac OSX 10.5.8. Service provider is Talktalk. Wireless modem. Problem When trying to connect I get a message "No PPPoE server has been found. Please delete service name option and try again". I am then asked for my password. I do get on line for a couple of minutes then the error message is repeated and connection broken. A friend set up the connection with some difficulty - I am a naive user and don't know how it is done. Other problems - transferring my address book from my old Macbook and connecting with my Ipod. I'm worried if I connect my Ipod to this laptop it may get wiped! Hope you can help.


jenifer h.


Edinburgh, EH1

Date of Request:

14 Jan 2011 @ 15:05

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Edinburgh, EH1
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Customer Review:

By jenifer h. - 17 Jan 11
Richard was competent, professional, friendly and solved all my problems. I would thoroughly recommend him and certainly would call on his help again. Thanks for sorting this for me so quickly.

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