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Hardware Related Issues

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Assumed loose HD? Makes loud screeching noise like metal against metal when starting up (like door hinges) but often doesn't get beyond the square finder symbol which comes on intermittently before it shuts down. Haven't used it for a while and now when resting on an even surface (instead my knees) it all of a sudden comes back on again but I hesitate to use it normally. (It is a refurbished g4 ibook which is 7 years old - serial number is RM3180QBNP4).


Sibylle F.


Tadcaster, LS24

Date of Request:

20 Jan 2011 @ 10:36

PCIQ IT Professional:

Cottingham, HU16
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Customer Review:

By Sibylle F. - 20 Mar 11
Overall very happy with the service. The only fly in the ointment was that I wasn't quite sure what was included in the service and what not (despite my email to confirm).

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