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Hardware Related Issues

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My WD external hard drive (about 8 months old) was connected to my Dell laptop. I was moving bits from another small external hard drive (toughdrive) onto the WD. I was trying to access things on the WD and it started slowing down and having problems reading files (I think the laptop said there was an IO problem with reading them? I have windows Vista). I cancelled the copying, logged off my laptop and shut it down. I turned it on again. The blue light on my WD hard drive flashes constantly but it will no show up in My Computer. My Apple Mac also does not recognise it. It's almost like the hard drive is frozen, still thining about the last job. I need it either fixing, or atthe very least, I need my data! I have learned a hard lesson about backing stuff up. Please help.


Catherine B.


Harrogate, HG1

Date of Request:

30 Aug 2011 @ 21:56

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York, YO24
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Customer Review:

By Catherine B. - 12 Sep 11
A******!!!! I unequivocably recommend Gavin... he came to visit me promptly, paid various back-and-forth visits, picking up my external hard drive. During the course of his visits, he managed to fix problems with my laptop at the same time! He then sat down with me and talked through what the problems were and how I could prevent them next time, installing some excellent preventative programs on my computer. He is a very genuine person, very intelligent, and professional in a warm manner. I am thrilled that he managed to recover so much of my lost data on my external hard drive! Very reasonable charge. I will be using again.

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