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Since I bought my PC (an HP dx2400) in September I have been getting 'sending error report to microsoft' messages on a number of Programmes mainly Outlook and Windows Explorer. The PC has also shutdown and re-booted a couple of times. Over the last couple of days I have twice had the system shut down and re-boot after which I get the 'sending error report to microsoft' message this time relating to a fault with the system not just a particular programme. I have contacted HP but their call centre merely told me to contact Windows saying that it is a Windows problem... however friends who know about these things but are too far away to assist have suggested it either the memory chips or motherboard. However since I have upgraded the memory - replacing the old chips - it is not the memory. My system uses XP Professional however I am using Windows small business edition and Outlook I have downloaded all the relevant updates. The machine is less than three months old but simply isn't reliable and I fear it will get worse. Naturally it is still under warranty but HPs call centre workers simply want to pass the buck.


Chris B.


Romford, RM7

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8 Dec 2008 @ 15:19

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Bexley, DA5
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