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Hardware Related Issues

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The PRAM battery in my iMac G4 (pudding basin) has packed up and needs replacing. I had it replaced about 5 years ago at an Apple Approved Repair Centre in South Shields but it is inconvenient to take it all that way.


David R.


Middlesbrough, TS5

Date of Request:

29 Oct 2009 @ 11:15

PCIQ IT Professional:

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4
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Customer Review:

By David R. - 08 Nov 09
Umair agreed to do he work requested but when this failed to resolve the problem was very helpful in giving me advice as to what repairs were required. We discussed the cost of additional work and he persuaded me that the best solution was to remove the hard drive from the machine, set this up as an external HD to another machine thus retaining the valuable data therein. I was delighted with Umair's helpful advice and considered his fee to be very acceptable.

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